Play! By Sephora August Unboxing

I’ve been quite happy with my Play! by Sephora boxes as it has a good mix of items I want to try.  I wish it didn’t come with perfume everytime but I’ll deal with it. 

If you are not familiar with Play! by Sephora it is a new sub box that sends 5 deluxe samples from Sephora every month. You also get a fragrance sample (which I could live without) and a collectible bag. This costs $10 a month and currently has waitlist for new subscriptions. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in I-544. Value $6. This is a gorgeous iridescent pink granite eyeshadow. I’ve never tried the Makeup Forever eyeshadows but I’ve heard great things so I’m happy to try this one out. 

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton. Value $15.30. Blah I don’t like perfume. This one doesn’t smell horrible but not enough for me to wear. 

Algenist Eye Renewal Balm. Value $31.73. I’ve been testing out some new eye creams so I’ll definitely use this. It is a bit pricey so I will have to really see results to pay the full price!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. Value $7.69. I don’t wear mascara and this is like the third of these I’ve received from different places. This sample is definite making the rounds!

Lancome Energie De Vie Smoothing & Glowing Liquid Care Moisturizer. Value $5.21.  This is a decent size and has Ok ingredients. I may use this or pass on to my mom. 

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Lobe Affair. Value $4.25.  This is a great plum color and I’m excited to give it a try. 

This bag has a value of $72.49 and I paid a little over $10 with tax. I’m still a big fan of this box. I know I’ve heard some complain that you can get these same samples with Sephora orders and that is true if you order a lot from Sephora you can get these same samples but typically these would be primarily ones you need a code for so you would have to make multiple orders. For me this box is totally worth the $10 I paid!

Kloverbox August Unboxing

Kloverbox has new owners!  I’m really curious to see the direction the box goes with the new ownership. This month’s box the is Relax, Renew, Refresh. 

If you aren’t familiar with  Kloverbox it is monthly box that sends natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, home and nutrition products. The boxes run $25 a month (or less with a longer subscription). I’ve been a subscriber for a while and I’ve found some great products and brands from this box. Let’s see what I got this month!

First Look

Product Card

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate.  Value $29. I love Juice Beauty products and I’ve been looking for a new eye cream.  I’ve used this a few times but not enough to see any effect yet. I’m glad this is a full size as I’ll really be able to tell if it works or not!

SimpliMandi MINTY Peppermint Foot Scrub.  Value $15. I was glad this was packed in a Baggie as it leaked!  Not a ton but definitely could have been a mess. Unfortunately this contains olive oil which I’m allergic to so I probably will give this to a friend. 

Kiss My Honey Tropical Coconut Lip Balm. Value $4.99. We received this lip balm in mint previously from Kloverbox and I really like it. I actually have that one in my car and use it most mornings!  The coconut one smells really good too. 

Touch Organic White Tea. Value $6.29. I love white tea!  I prefer it hot and this will be perfect for winter. 

I calculate a value of $55.28 for this box and I paid $21. This is a great box and I’m excited to see where this sub goes in the next few months. 

Popsugar Must Have August Unboxing

Ugh I can’t believe it’s September already and I’m still working on August unboxings. I’m seriously behind but I’ll get caught up by the end of the weekend!  Popsugar is one of my favorite boxes as they always have a mix of useful and fun items. I have cancelled this box several times but I always resubscribe!  Even if I don’t love everything in these boxes I can easily give away or sell what I don’t want as its usually good stuff!  

Last month’s box was not for me and I ended up selling most of it. Hopefully this box will be better! 

First Look

Product Card

Cargo Cosmetics The Big East Powder Blush. Value $26. This is a really pretty color and I’ve used this brand before. It’s very sheer so the color is buildable. 

Cookie Pop Popcorn Cookies & Cream. Value $3.99. This looks delicious. I haven’t tried it yet but I love popcorn and cookies. Yum!!

Unplugged Dusti Screen Cleaner. Value $5.99. I tried one of these for my iPhone and it worked great. It really does a good job cleaning the screen.  The only downside is when I stuck it to the back it got pretty dirty!

Baggu Duck Bag. Value $26. This is a great sturdy canvas bag. I can always use bags like this to take things to work. The only thing I wish is that I got a different pattern as this blue stripped one is not really my style. 

Triple C PowerGloss in Silver. Value $30. I love the portable power banks like this as my phone is always low on power. I already have this in my purse and have used it already!

Christian Lacroix Paris Paseo Sticky Note Folio. Value $13. This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever received in a sub box. I love office supplies and these sticky notes are super fancy. I’ve already been using these at work. 

I calculate a value of $104.98 for this box and I paid a little over $43. This really was a great box for me. Much improved over last month!

Barkbox August Unboxing

I’m really not sure what the theme of this month’s Barkbox is. I think I may be summertime or something. Since Lucy has had stomach issues she can’t eat at of the treats in this box :(. 

If you aren’t familiar with Barkbox it is a monthly box of toys, treats, chews and other fun products for dogs. The boxes range in price of $29 to $19 depending on the length of the sub. If you subscribe monthly the box may only be worth a little more than you pay so the longer subs are definitely the better deal. You can select your dogs size and I get the small and cute box for my girl Lucy.  I have been a subscriber for quite a while and I love the healthy treats and fun and unique toys we get!  Let’s see what we got!

First Look

The Lazy Dog Co. Baja Fish Biscuits. Value $7. 

Butchers Block Beef Knee Cap Chew. Value $3. Yuck. We have a big dog friend that will love this though!

The Crump Group Inc Beef Tendersticks. Value $8. 

Think Dog! Fish Taco. Value $8. We always get the cutest toys from Barkbox. This is a little fish taco!

Bark & Co. Surfs Up Sam. Value $10.  This guy is cute but he is huge. Really too big for my little mini dachshund.  

This box has a value of $36 and I paid a little over $16. This wasn’t the best one for my Lucy since she can only have he toys and one is too big. 

Boxycharm August Unboxing

I decided to resubscribe to Boxycharm last month when there was an Ofra palette I wanted. I didn’t unbox it as I got it really late (not their fault I subscribed late!). I decided to try out a 3 month sub and see if I like it better this time!

If you aren’t familiar with Boxycharm it is a monthly box in which you will receive 4-5 full size beauty items. You can receive makeup, skincare or beauty tools.  Subscriptions range from $21 – $19.25 a month depending on the length you pick. Let’s see what I got!
First Look

Product Card

Coastal Scents Blush & Bronzer Mini Palette. Value $19.95. What a cute little palette. Coastal Scents are nice quality too.  The little blush brush is an extra item!

Aloette Time Repair Serum. Value $48. This is actually an exfoliator as it contains glycolic acid, stearic acid, salicylic acid and lemon. I am a bit concerned it could be too harsh but it does contain aloe and Shea which should help with that. I may give this a try. 

Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick. Value $10. Wow this is bright.  This is definitely not my color so it will go in the sale/giveaway pile!

Makeup Eraser AmpliMascara. Value $23.  I didn’t know Makeup Eraser made actual makeup but apparently they do. I don’t wear mascara so I won’t use this. 

Beauty For Real Shadow Stx. Value $19. I’m not a big fan of shadow stocks like this though I do like the color. Not sure if I will use this or not. 

I calculate a value of $119.95 and I paid $19.66 with my 3 month sub. This is a nice box but I find myself not using a lot of the items. That is kinda how I decided to end my sub the first time. I will see how next month goes and decide if I want to keep my subscription active.  

Ipsy Glam Bag August Unboxing

Ipsy can be very hit and miss with their bags so I never know what I’m gonna get each month. Last month was a fantastic one for me so I have high hopes for this one!

If you are not familiar with Ipsy Glam Bag it’s a monthly bag of deluxe sample and full size beauty items. The company was started by makeup guru Michelle Phan. One of the big benefits of Ipsy is it’s cheap only $10 a month. Let’s see what I got!

First Look – I love the bag design this month!

Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster. .34oz. Value $14.96.  I don’t think I’ve tried this brand but it looks decent when I looked it up. I am pretty picky with my skincare so I’m not sure if I’m gonna try this or not. 

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara. 3ml. Value $9.86. I don’t wear mascara so I won’t use this but it’s a quite popular mascara. It’s a nice size too so I will give away or sell this. 

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up. .68oz. Value $17.40. This brand is from the UK and I keep wanting to call it It Works (please don’t try to sell me that :)). Anyhow this is a primer and moisturizer in one. The ingredient are not bad so I may try this as I use primer daily I go through a lot of that. 

Nomad Intense Eye Shadow. Marrakesh – Spice Market. Value $8. This is a nice brown shadow. If I didn’t have a ton of colors just like this I might keep it. 

Ciate Nail Polish in Dangerous Affair. Value $17. This is a nice full size polish!  I really wish I had received the other color which was a pretty purple but this is nice too!

I calculate a value of $67.22 for this bag! Wow!  This bag definitely wasn’t as good as my last one but it was still a nice one!  


I pretty much just quit trying to do these posts at month end and I think I will just do them when I have enough empties!  These are the items I’ve used up the last couple of months.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. I finally used up all my samples of this and had to suck it up and buy the full size. It’s pricey but totally worth it. It helps keep my hair healthy and keeps the frizzies away. 

Purederm Snail Treatment. I got this forever ago from Memebox. I didn’t use it every day but it still lasted forever. I used it as a conditioner and it was really nice. It smelled like strawberry to me and left my hair so soft. 

Skylake Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo. I love this shampoo. It really takes care of your scalp health and keeps me from getting dandruff. It smells great, very minty!  I already have another full size of this. 
Secret Key So Fast Hair Booster Pack. I use this as a conditioner and it works well with my hair. I especially like it in the summer as it helps with frizzy hair. 
Reo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment. This is also a hair conditioner. It smells really earthy but also works nice as a conditioner for me. 

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask. My hair hates Briogeo products. I don’t know what it is but it gets super frizzy. I used this a couple of times but time to pitch. 
Hair+ Velvet Nutri-injection. I got this from Memebox a while ago. I used this up as a hair treatment but I didn’t see much of a difference in my hair. 

Tony Moly Yolk Primer. I really like this primer as it works well to blur my pores. 
Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer. Holy grail concealer for me.  I always have one of these on hand. 
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. I got this sample from Sephora and it worked quite well for me. I may have to pick up the full size this fall during Sephora’s sales. 

Cremorlab Cleansing Veil Cleansing Sheets. I was excited to try these but something in them really irritated my face. I only used about half of them. 
Nature Republic By Flower Lip Scrub. This lip scrub was not scrubby enough for me. 
Swirl & Sparkle Brush Cleanser Mini. Love this. Really cleans my brushes well.