What I used today!

These are some items I used today.  Some of these are favorites and some I’m trying out.  I really like to try a variety of things and am terrible at finishing things.  Lol

Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser– I received one of these from Birchbox, traded for another on Makeup Talk, and my friend gave me one so I finally feel like I have enough to give it a good try.  I have used it twice for cleansing my face in the shower and was surprised at the foaminess (is that a word??). 🙂  It has a great smell and isn’t too harsh so I’ll see how I like it after a few more days.
The Skin Factory 7 Seconds 7 in 1 Morning Sheet.  I received this in my Memebox Mask 4 box and it’s really convenient.  It’s a toner, emulsion, and essence all in one.  One side lightly exfoliates and you flip the pad over and pat in the essence.  It does leave quite a bit of product on the face so you have to rub it in.  I like it though.  Also see my painted thumbnail that is my new Julep polish Sushmita.  It’s a pretty silk finish polish.  I didn’t care for the silk finish but I put on some Seche Vite top coat and that shined it up!

LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence – this is a holy grail product for me ever since I received it in my Memebox Luckybox 5.  I have fairly clear skin but do have occasional breakouts.  I use this for spot treatment and a couple times a week at night all over my face.  Really helps with breakouts and make my skin very soft.  I already bought another bottle of this.

Napoleon Perdis foundation Skin Primer – I received this in my Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman Collaboration box (that box was amazing!!). I never really used a primer before but I loved this.  I ended up trading for a bunch more of this so I am stocked up for many months!
Eminence Organic Skin Care Wild Plum Eye Cream– I just got this in my Yuzen box so just started to try it out.  It smells really good like plums.  Will keep trying to see if it’s effective.
Skin79 Diamond Collection Prestige BB Cream – I got a set of 4 Skin79 BB cream samples from Beautynetkorea.  I think this one is fine but nothing special. I’ll use it up.  One of the other samples actually was pearlescent and made my face sparkle like Edward in Twilight 🙂 so this one is much better than that!
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette – I use this almost every day since getting it in my Popsugar box, I love a good neutral eyeshadow palette and this one has great staying power.
Julep Gel Eye Glider in Smokey Taupe Shimmer – this is from this months Julep box. It’s a really pretty color.  I have just used it one day but so far liking it.

Cover Girl Clean Normal Skin Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural –  a good, cheap drugstore powder.  I actually think this smells good and works well.
Philip B ph Restorative Detangling Toning Mist – from this month’s Glossybox.  I think this works fine but it really stinks.  It has apple cider vinegar in it and smells like it to me.  I will finish this up but won’t purchase a full size one.
Alterna Caviar CC Cream Leave in Hair Perfector –  another great item from the Glossybox Bergford Goodman collab box.  I use this as a finishing product to just smooth flyaway as I found it a bit too greasy to use on my whole head,  but I love it as a finishing product.  I have already purchased the full size product!
Kai Perfume Oil – from Fab Fit Fun box.  I really live this nice, clean scent!

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