Memebox Special #16 OMG Box Unboxing

My Memebox Special #16 OMG Box arrived today. I ordered this back on June 10th and it cost me $22.99.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in this box as there is some pretty wild stuff in Korean skincare.  Let’s see how OMG it is!
First Look- Interesting but not really thrilled with Hope Girl makeup.  Memebox must own stock in Hope Girl as they send it out a lot!
Product Card – this is extremely essential for these boxes as many of the products have instructions on them in Korean only.  So unless you read Korean better keep this handy!
Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss 6g Value – the product card says $22 but I see it on Koreadepart for $14.05.  This is a lip gloss with two shades of pink that mix together.  This is a bit unique as it has a mirror and built in LED light.  I got color 04 Pink Candy and it is super pink!  I don’t think this is really my thing so am going to put it up on Ebay for sale.
Mirror and light!

SKINAZ Premium Vitablet 39g  Value the product card says $46 but I think that’s crazy. I saw some on Ebay for $5.99 plus shipping.  So I’m going to say worth $10.  Now these are definitely unusual.  This is a vitamin and a tablet cleanser with vitamin C & aroma oil.  You are supposed to dissolve this in water and rinse your face with it.  It can also be used as a facial mist, for hair or bath according to the info. card.  So honestly I’m not that excited about these and I was planning to sell them on eBay.  They looked like they had broken up a bit on the way to me so I was inspecting them a bit so I could disclose if they were broken in my listing and I touched the seal on the top to make sure it was holding.  And……it burst open and a big cloud of powder hit me in the face!  Scared me but no damage done.  Most of the pills are actually intact but I don’t want to sell product unsealed so I will be keeping these and will maybe try them out at some point.

SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo 13g.  Value $18.  Seems like the card price is fairly legit based upon the limited research I did.  This is a really cool product and was a spoiler for this box.  You basically put it thickly on your lips and then peel it off after 10-15 limits and it leaves an impermanent color tattoo that stays for about 24 hours.  I’m not exactly sure of the color I got but I think it is Sexy Red.  I think this is a great and pretty OMG product but just not for me.  I will be selling on Ebay.
Pure Smile 3 Step Bust Pack 1 set  Value $6.  OK so this is what it looks like it is and i’m really not sure about it.  It’s kinda fun for sure and I’m thinking about using it for a gag gift for a friend!  I may trade it but I don’t believe I will be using it.  Gave me a good laugh though!
Elizavecca Milky Pig Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask 100g Value $16.99 – this is on the card for $46 but I found it on Ebay for much less.  I am really excited to use this! I have tried clay masks and I’ve tried bubble masks but never a bubble clay mask!  I think this will be very interesting.
Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator For Body 150ml  Value $14 This states that after taking a shower you should towel dry and spray it on your body.  Then massage to roll away the dead skin cells and impurities.  I’m definitely going to give this a try but I think I’ll test it out in a small spot just in case.  I’ve had good luck with no allergies to Korean products – I’m not typically overly sensitive but this one makes me a tad nervous. 

I calculate a value of $79.04 for this box.  While I won’t use everything I did get my money’s worth in what I will use and I will recoup some of my money on ebay.  By the way – there are some crazy prices that people charge on ebay and I never put my products up for that much.  I calculate pretty much my break even point based upon what I pay plus fees plus shipping costs and that is my starting price.  A lot of products sell for that price and if so great.  If they bid up a little higher then I do make a little money but mostly I want to get these to good homes!! 

I am happy with this box even though I think it missed the OMG mark a bit.  It certainly was an interesting box.  Next up I should receive My Cute Wishlist box – should get it next week and I’m super excited for that one!!

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