What I used this week!

Here are some items I used this week!

Secret Key Intense Ice Sleeping Pack I got this in my Memebox cooling care box and it’s very nice for hot KS nights.  It does stay cool for quite a while and leaves my face somewhat soft in the mornings. It does have a bit is a scent that I don’t care for but it goes away quickly. 
White Organia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. Another item from Memebox cooling care box.  This is a huge tub and I like that it is almost pure aloe gel.  I rub some on my feet and legs before I go to bed and it helps me stay cool!
Dear by Enprani Believe in a Bottle Moistful Booskin.  I received this in one of the Memebox global boxes and I love it.  I use it as the first step in my beauty routine and it’s quite moisturizing.  It looks and feels like water but it thickens up on your face.  It’s hard to tell from the pic but this is almost gone so I will be sad but excited to try some other products I have stored up.
Grin if Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer 
I got this in Memebox Pore 2.  It’s pretty good but I still use another primer underneath. 
Ofra eyebrow pencil in brown.  I got this in an Ipsy bag and it works well.  Matches my eyebrow color perfectly.
Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream I don’t remember the brand name of this but I got if in Memebox honey box (my first box ordered!! :)). This is a huge tub and I found it waayy to greasy for my face.  However I have been using this on my feet and it’s been great.  The only problem is my dog apparently loves the taste of snail slime and will not stop licking my feet when I put it on – gross!!
Aloe Water Mist I also got this in my Memebox cooling care box.  This is great for hot days!
Langeige Water Sleeping Pack…EX
Ok so this mask is great and leaves my face so soft and clear in the morning.  However I hate the scent!  I’m very sensitive to smells so generally prefer unscented or lightly scented skincare products.  I read that this has an added scent that is supposed to help you sleep which is nice but I really hate it.  It’s too bad as this is a great pack.  I’m gonna try to use this up but won’t repurchase.

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