This week in Masks – Aug 17th

Here’s the masks I used this week!

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Kit.  I guess this isn’t strictly a mask but I’m putting it here anyhow!  I used this 3 step mask set on Sunday.  This actually takes some commitment as each step takes 15-20 minutes.  I really don’t think this works that well but it does help a bit. I bought a pack if 3 of these from beautynetkorea so have one more to use.
Skinfood Rice wash off mask. I got this in my Beauteque head to toe bag.  It has a nice, light scent.  It says to massage on your face for 10-15 minutes.  That is a long time but I gave it a try.  I made it about 5 minutes with one hand and then I got distracted by my phone and got some in my eye.  Aaahhh – there are rice grains in this and now I have it in my eye.  Also I honestly had quite a hard time getting all the teeny little grains off my face.  This did leave my face very soft though but I think it will be a mask I use in the shower and probably not gonna massage it in more than a minute or two.

Purederm Myung-an.  I received this in a Memebox.  This is for dry skin and I have combination skin which is definitely not dry in the summer.  I decided to give this a try anyhow.  I was not really happy with this and didn’t think it did much if anything for me.
Julep Nail Therapy Masks.  I received these in a trade on My Subscription Addiction.  These are little paper pouches that go over your fingers.  Inside is moisturizer which soaks in and helps cuticles and nails get moisture.  I did have some trouble keeping these on my fingers for the 20-30 minutes it took to complete the treatment.  Probably cuz I keep using my IPad with them on there.  Lol. I did like that these moisturized my nails a bit.  Probably wouldn’t purchase though.
Tonymoly Changing U Magic Mask Green Apple. I got a variety set of these masks from Yes Style.  This one is green apple and it targets the pores.  I really like the light green apple scent this has.  In my opinion these masks have the perfect amount of essence.  However I have a hard time working with these masks as they just don’t fit my face properly.  I think my face is a bit too long so I kinda have to stretch it to fit in between my forehead and chin.  Also these are a bit thin and I’ve torn a couple of them.  I left on for 30 minutes and it did work nicely.

Author: had4567

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