What I used this week – Aug 17th

Here are some of the items I used this week!

Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner I got this from a trade and I love it. It was in the Allure summer 2014 beauty box.  Pureology is my everyday shampoo and conditioner and it really keeps my hair smooth and protects my color – I have highlights and lowlights.  I don’t use dry conditioner or shampoo much in the summer because my hair gets too sweaty and gross to not wash everyday but I had my hair done Friday so it didn’t need washed on Saturday.

Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm Dis-a-pore.  I got this sample in my Birchbox this month.  I think it covered well and works good.  Did not make me too greasy.  I have tried other BB creams that I like better though.
Secret Key So Fast Hair Booster Pack.  I got this from Beautynetkorea and have been using as a leave in conditioner several times a week.  I really love this as it makes my hair very soft and calms it down in the humidity.  
CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta I received this in a Memebox and it’s a great gel cleanser.  Really effective at removing makeup and making my face feel clean.
Withme White Perfection Foaming Cleanser. I received this in Memebox Pore 2 box about 6 weeks ago and have been using since.  I find it very foamy and really works on my oily skin and pores. I do find it dries my face out so I only use it a couple times a week or combine it with a gel cleanser.
Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream. Received from one of the Global Memboxes ( maybe 11?).  I just started using this again after trying out a eye cream I got in Yuzen but that eye cream was not nearly as effective as the Korean brands I’ve tried so I am switching back.
Tonymoly Floria Nutra-Energy Toner with Argan Oil. I got this in a Tonymoly sampler set.  I think this is a nice toner.  It does have a light scent and is somewhat thick in texture.  I like it and would probably buy more if I didn’t have a large stock of toners to use up.
Beauty Recipe Proplis Magic Ampoule.  I received this my very first Memebix ordered the honey box.  I recently added this to my morning routine.  My ultimate goal is to do a multi step skincare routine which many Koreans do. There is a Asian Skin Care Guide at skinandtonics.com which is absolutely the best explanation I’ve seen for the skin care routine.  I rely on this post a lot and have it bookmarked on my ipad!   I have gradually been working steps into my routine.  I think this is a nice Ampoule and so far doesn’t seem to break me out.

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