Tuesday is my new Monday!

For some reason I’m super cranky today?!? I think it’s the heat as it’s very hot here in KS.  I’m gonna post my complaints so I can move on with my day and no longer be cranky!!  And yes I know these are all minor complaints and there are certainly many people with much bigger problems in the world!

Hot Hot Hot I hate it when the tempature gets over 90 and it’s been hot for many days here in KC.  I know it’s August and it’s supposed to be hot and really we have had a very cool summer overall.  But I still don’t like it!
Mail lady I have a cluster mail box for my subdivision which is nice because my boxes are locked either in my mailbox or one of the larger package lockers.  Occasionally like twice a month (I get a lot of packages :)). I know I’ve had something delivered but my mail lady does not leave me the key to get my package out of the locker.  I don’t know if she forgets or the lockers are full or what but it’s kinda annoying!  If the locker is full she could just leave my packages on my porch as I signed the form at the PO to do that and she has to drive back by my house to leave the subdivision. I always get the key the next day but still annoys me!  On the bright side I should get my Glossybox and 3 Memeboxes today and maybe some other things so should be a good mail day!

Ebay buyers who don’t pay. Why do people bid on stuff they don’t want and don’t pay for?  It’s super annoying because then I have to submit a claim to get my fees back and it’s a big pain in the rear as it takes like a week before I can relist it.  Why do you do this?  And no I don’t buy that you accidentally bid on it.  It takes several confirmations before you actually buy something.  Seriously!  And Ebay I know you are all buyer friendly and won’t let us give these non payers negative feedback but there should be some system that shows number of unpaid items to sellers.  The buyer restrictions do not always work to block these people out!  

Big Dog. To the large dog that keeps pooping in my front yard- I know my Dad says you are a probably a coyote due to the animal parts in your poop but we are just gonna pretend you are a dog ok??  I know there is a big field across the street so why don’t you just stay over there M’kay.  And if you see me when I open my garage door early in the morning lets just pretend we didn’t see each other.   I will keep me and my little dog in my fenced in backyard or the house as much as possible!

Ok now that I got that out of my system it’s gonna be a good day!!

Author: had4567


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