Golden Tote August Tote #2 Review

My second August Golden Tote arrived today.  I had to order another one when they restocked the boyfriend jeans in my size.  Click here to find out more about Golden Tote and see the review of my first Golden Tote.  I really thought nothing could top that as I loved every piece so let’s see if this one is just as good!

My chosen items!
JustBlack boyfriend jeans!  These were the reason I ordered this tote and they are perfect!  I saw pic on the Golden Tote Trading Facebook Group ans read comments that these needed to be sized down so I got a 26 instead of my normal 27 and these fit perfectly.  These do have a bit of give in them and they are the perfect ankle length for my 5’5 frame!
renee c etched print top in black and cream.  This was originally in the July tote I believe and I liked it but didn’t like anything else enough to buy a whole tote so I picked it up this month. It fits me well ( though honestly think the small would be too tight on anyone bigger than an A cup!).
Chris and Carol Cardigan. I got the grey Chris and Carol cardigan in my first tote and love it!  I saw that some people received a cobalt color one so requested it if they had any left in small.  I didn’t get the cobalt but instead I got this amazing purple one!  Purple is my absolute favorite color and I have not seen this color as a surprise item.  I guess the color is closest to plum but it’s absolutely gorgeous in person.  I will wear this a ton!
Hourglass Lily Tunic when I first saw this I was iffy about whether I like it but I change my mind. I think this is going to look great with some leggings. Now I just need to find some leggings!
Promesa Maxi Skirt.  Oooh this is the first maxi skirt I’ve gotten from Golden Tote.  I typically do not wear a lot of red but this red and blue color Maxi is really great.  It is incredibly comfortable, the fabric is very breathable and soft. I might just wear this tomorrow to work!

Super b dress.  My last surprise item is this great Navy dress.  This dress has some amazing detail on it both on the bodice and on the hem.   Also the skirt is lined which is great.  I really love this dress and there is plenty of hot weather left to wear a sleeveless dress like this!

I really can’t believe how amazing both of my totes of been this month.  Golden Tote was really able to capture my style and give me items that are out of my comfort zone but still close enough to my style and I will wear them.  September tote spoilers were released just the other day. There are some great items that I already know I’m going to want to buy. Now off to find some leggings!

Author: had4567

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