Memebox Mask 3 Box Restock Review

Disclosure – this post includes affiliate links.

I love masks so when Memebox Mask 3 box came back in stock a few weeks ago I snatched that up just as fast as my little fingers could order it.  And let me tell you after many years of hard core training, I can order things online lightening fast and even in my sleep! 😉. Since this was a restock, I already knew everything that was in the box so I knew that I would love almost everything. Let’s take a look at what I got.

First look – look at all the pretty masks!

Product card
Purederm Firming Lift multi-step V-line treatment – 2 masks.  Value $14. V-line masks and treatments are just not something I can get into. These are a big trend in Korean skincare but they look really uncomfortable to me.  You basically strap it on over your ears and under your chin and it’s pretty tight and it supposed to firm up your neck and chin area.  I knew these were in this box and figured I would either sell them or give them away.

Dewytree Gold hydrogel masks. Value $14.  The hydrogel mass that I’ve seen her actually quite pricey so I think this is a fair value.  I have never used a fullface hydrogel mask but I have used under eye and spot treatment mask by Secret Key.  I’m really happy to have these masks and isn’t it amazing that we got three of them you can really try them out!
Purederm Intensive Lip Care Gel Patch. Value $3.  I have been wanting to try a lip patch like this ever since I saw reviews of this mask box the first time.  My lips get really chapped and I do have a lip balm addiction 🙂 so I think this will be really great.
Purederm Pulp Mask Set.  Value $9.  I got a couple of these masks in my whole grains Memebox and I really like them. The sheet masks are nice and I love that we got three different ones to try.  I really like aloe masks in the summer and they are really soothing for my skin.  The pearl and raspberry masks should be nice too.
Rubellu bio cellulose whitening and anti-aging eyepatch one box. Value $12.  There are five packets of eyepatch is in this box. I’m assuming there’s two patches to each packet but haven’t opened it yet.  These patches are made with coconut extract and are supposed to Brighton and firm up the skin around her eyes. I’ll give these a try and see how they work
I calculated value of $66 for this box. I paid $26.50 so this was a nice value.  
This box is sold out but there is a mask box 5 that is still for sale on the Memebox website. Click  here on my affiliate link or on one of my banners to head there now!

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