What I’m Obsessed with Today!

Today I am in an all day class the IRS Tax Practitioners Symposium.  Really exciting stuff!  I made sure to get here early so I could get a good seat…in the back!

Time for my weekly OCD download.
Today is Lucy’s Birthday and she’s celebrating with a martini!  Just kidding I don’t let her drink martinis usually but this pic is from a couple years ago and she helped herself my vodka cranberry while I was out of the room!  9 years old today!

Last week I posted about being obsessed with looking for a card case.  Well I found one!!  I got this one ebay new with tags from a great seller that wrapped it nicely and even included a nice note!  I love it and the color is perfect!
I think I’ve given up on finding peep toe heels for the season so now I’m looking for some peeptoe booties!
Labor Day weekend!  I’m excited for a 3 day weekend.  I haven’t had a entire Labor Day weekend where I didn’t have to work in so long!  I’m not sure what all I’m doing but I’m getting a pedi and I must organize my Memebox/beauty and hair product stash!  It’s a mess after getting 5 boxes this week (so far;))
That’s it for me what are you obsessed with this week?

Author: had4567


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