August Empties!

It’s my first empties post!  This month I have some items I used up and some items that I’ve had for a while and decided it was time for them to go.  Really trying to clean up my products because next week I will get the Allure Fall beauty box and that’s got a ton of products in there so I need somewhere to put it all.

Hair products
From left-
Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 complete correction hair cream. I got this in the Bergdorf Goodman May Glossybox.  This miracle product delivers 10 benefits and leaves my hair really soft. I use this for taming flyaways and finishing my hair in the morning. I have already repurchase the full size of this.
Philip B. pH restorative detangling toning mist. I got this in my July Glossybox.  This conditioner uses apple cider vinegar and essential oils to detangle hair in seal it’s cuticle.  This did work really well for me but it does have a very strong vinegar smell.   The smell doesn’t dissipate rather quickly however at this point I don’t think this worked well enough for me to repurchase.
Redken smooth lock stay sleek leave in cream.  This is the old one I got this couple years ago at my local hair salon.  It’s worked fine I just found other products that I prefer better and I haven’t used it in a long time so I decided it was time to get rid of it.
Kenra platinum hot spray.  I got this from beauty brands after my stylist use it on me.  I use this for a really long time until I found some products that worked a little bit better for me. I still like this and think it works really well and it smells really good. But I think I I’ll try some other products out but I may go back to using this at some point.
Matrix total results sleek look leave in cream. I used this for many many years and is part of the four step smoothing system.  I actually think these were the first smoothing specific products that I ever used before that I wore my hair pretty much only curly or wavy.  Actually I don’t think Ive used this in a couple years maybe I’ll just holding onto it for sentimental value!  Not planning to repurchase at this point.

More hair products
Oscar Blandi volumizing dry shampoo spray.  I got this in the spring 2014 fab fit fun box.  I got this right in the middle of tax season so wasn’t really paying attention and I didn’t really realize that this with volumizing dry shampoo.  I definitely don’t need more volume in my hair but again this was a really busy time so I used it many times before I realized that it really wasn’t working for me!  I left my hair feeling really nasty and sticky after using it.  I really don’t know why I held onto it other than I consider trading even though I partially used it but I think it’s just time to throw it out. I definitely will not be repurchasing this.
Serge Normante meta revive dry conditioner nourishing Argan oil. I got this sample size and one of my Birchbox.  I really loved this dry conditioner. I never used a dry conditioner before though I do use a dry shampoo but this conditioner left my hair very soft.  I may re-purchase this sometime in the future but it is pretty expensive so I think I’ll use up some other products that I currently have first.
CNP laboratory derma scalp shampoo. I got this in global 13 Memebox.  This shampoo says it will help to unclog pores and remove any impurities in your scalp.  I thought this sounded great so I used it once.  After a day or two I did notice a few ingrown hairs coming out but I figured it was probably part of the process of getting the impurities out of your scalp.  I used it again and after a day or two OMG I had so many ingrown hairs and some of them are really quite painful.   I’ve never had so many ingrown hairs at once in my life and I still have them even now over a week since I’ve used the shampoo. So even if that is part of the process I won’t  be using this shampoo again.
Philosophy hope in a jar. I got this sample I think in one of my Ulta free gift beauty bags. I know some people swear by this stuff. But I really just don’t care for the smell of it and it lingers too much for me to want to use this. I will not be purchasing the full size of this.
Acure radical resurfacing facial lotion. I got this in a Yuzen box. I do really like Acure products and this dead work nicely at smoothing out my face. However again I had to scent issues with this one and though I finally used it up I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.
Olay regenerist micro sculpting cream. This was my go to facial lotion before I knew any better and quit using petroleum based lotions on my face.  This made my face really greasy towards mid day so I was using blotting papers like a mad woman!  Really left my face too greasy and I haven’t used this for a while. Actually didn’t know I still had this until I was cleaning out my bathroom drawer.  I will not be repurchasing.

Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser.  I got I got these from Birchbox, in a trade, and one from a friend.  These are pretty little so I decided to use all three of them together and to see how effective it was. I really did like this cleanser it’s a nice gentle exfoliater and foams up just enough.  I may repurchase at some point in the future but I have a ton of cleansers to use up before that.
Naturopathica aloe cleansing gel. I got this at a spa used to go to and was recommended to me by a aesthetician there.  I used to use a lot of products from this line and it’s really a nice line. Everything is all natural and it’s really got great ingredients and works quite well.  I also like that they have an aesthetician available via email you can email about questions I actually did email her once.  This company is out of New York and you can order their stuff online.  It is quite pricey and the spa I used to go to is no longer open so I don’t purchase this anymore. But I do highly recommend it.
Yes to tomatoes facial clearing mask. I got this in the cyber Monday $2 sale last year where I got a ton of yes to products.  After trying a couple of things for the yes to tomatoes line which is for acne and blemishes, I realize that the yes to tomatoes line is just a little bit too harsh for my face. I don’t have all over acne just occasional spots so I think that’s why it’s too harsh.  I only ended up using this one time and will not be repurchasing. But for two dollars I’m glad to have been able to try it.
Face products
Tony moly Floria Neutra energy toner with argon oil. I got this in a set from yes style.  I use this twice and my skin really hated it!  This caused me to have a breakout Took half a week for my skin to calm down and I’m still dealing with the breakout.  Needless to say I will not be repurchasing this.
Too cool for school Dinoplatz Cinema city cc cream. I got this in a global Memebox.  I really wanted this to work for me because I’ve heard great things about it and it has really cute packaging so I tried this many times trying to get it to work.  I don’t know exactly why this doesn’t work for me if it’s the consistency or the color or what but it just doesn’t. I will not be repurchasing this. 😢

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Powder stick. I got this in an Ipsy bag.  I no longer get Ipsy since I got tired of get cheaper makeup items.  This was a pretty pearly color but i didn’t really care for the staying power.  I will not repurchase this.
Eminence wild plum eye cream
I got this in my Fall 2014 Yuzen box.  I used this for a couple of weeks until I visibly noticed a darkening under my eyes.  Though I know nothing will completely get rid of dark circles (except for getting enough rest which is just never gonna happen :)) Korean under eye cream I’ve been using is just working better.  This does smell really good though I will not be repurchasing this.
Yes to Grapefruit Correcting Eye Cream. This was another $2 cyber Monday Yes to purchase.  I used this for while but I really didn’t think it worked at all for me.  Will not repurchase.
I actually got rid of a lot of items this month!  Good thing as I’m getting a whole load of stuff this week. :). Happy Labor Day everyone!

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