This week in Masks – August 24th

Here are the masks I used this week.
The beginning of this week I didn’t use any masks because I had a breakout from the Tony moly toner that I started to use. My skin really did not like that toner so I quit using it but I needed several days for my skin to recuperate and get back to normal so I really limited what I used to my face this week and mostly just washed it and left alone so it could recover.
Due to my break out most of the masks I used this week were soothing or recovering type of masks.
My beauty diary Aloe mask.  I got a whole box of these masks from I’m really glad I got so many of them because I really like the aloe especially when I have breakouts or problems with my skin.  This made my skin feel great.
Tony Moly Pandas Dream Eye patches.  I got these patches as a free sample with Yes style order.  No I meant I’m a terrible direction reader. I usually start using a product and maybe look at the pictures that are on the back of the product.. I really should have read the directions for these patches and I would’ve seen that you weren’t supposed to put the whole thing on your eye but around your eye.  When I put the whole patch on my eye I got some in it so then had to spend a couple of minutes flushing it out since the product was in my eyes really burning.  So after that was taken care of I decided I better Google how you were supposed to use these patches. I saw a couple of blogs that showed that you’re supposed to put this around your eye and fold down the middle patch so that’s what I did.  You do kind a look like a little panda when you wear these mostly just because around your eye is black. I thought these patches were fine but I prefer hydro gel patches because the essences on a eye sheet mask/patches is too much.
I started having back problems on Thursday, I think they due to the chairs at a conference I was in that day. Admittedly I didn’t sit correctly in the chair which probably contributed to my back woes later in the week!  So I spent most of the day Saturday on the couch with the heating pad!  And I was stuck in the house all day I decided to do a little pampering session and these are the masks that I used!
Purederm intensive lip care gel patch. I got this in my mask 3 Memebox.  I left this on for 20 minutes and thought my lips were pretty soft after I was done using it.
Rubelli bio cellulose whitening and anti-aging eye patches.  I also received these in my mask 3 Memebox.  I also left these on for 20 minutes and I really really like them. I could noticeably tell less dark circles and puffiness under my eyes after I took them off.
Eye patches and lip patch. I was really glad nobody came to the door while I was using these!
Innisfree aloe hydrogel mask. I got these from beautynetKorea.  I love hydrogel masks. They really are a superior medium for holding the essence and transferring it to your face then the traditional paper sheet mask.  Hydrogel mass are quite a bit more expensive though so I really only have a few of them. This mask comes in two pieces one for the top half of your face and another for the bottom half to make it fit a little bit better.  I still had some problems with the fit on this as the top half was a little bit too long and the nose part didn’t fit properly the bottom half did fit quite well though. I did like this mask but it left my face quite sticky afterwords and I didn’t really care for that.
Holika Holika baby silky and mask sheet.  I got these in my Beauteque head to toe spa kit and I used one before. Since I can’t stand having both of my hands with the mask on at one time I do one hand at a time. This is nice because I can actually get two uses since I can use the same glove on both hands. These left my hands nice and soft.

That’s it for this week! What masks did you use this week?

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