Allure Fall 2014 Beauty Box Unboxing

I got my Allure Fall Beauty box yesterday! I was lucky this time and I got to order one of these. I think that these boxessold out a lot slower this time and also they limited people to one box per household instead of the normal two boxes per household so I think that helped keep them in stock a little longer.

I already knew what was in this box but it’s still a lot more exciting to get your hands on it and really see the products in person.
First look. This box is stuffed full and pretty heavy!
The box came with a nice booklet that detailed all items included.
Aloxxi dry shampoo.  Value $11.49.  This dry shampoo is safe for color treated hair and contains natural ingredients.  I had never heard of this brand before I got it in the box but after quick Google it looks like it’s pretty good. I sprayed a little on my hair and so I couldn’t smell it because some dry shampoo I find have a very strong scent that I don’t care for. This one did not have a scent that I found particularly offending so I think I will give it a try. I don’t use dry shampoo much in the summer because my hair is too greasy to not wash every day but with fall and winter coming I will use it quite a bit.
Arm and Hammer spin brush truly radiant battery powered toothbrush.   Value $8.99.  I have a sonicare toothbrush so I won’t use this I’ll probably donate it or give it away.
Arm and Hammer truly radiant toothpaste.  Value $3.49.  This toothpaste says it’s whitening and enamel strengthening. I can always use toothpaste so I’ll use this once I’m done with my current tube.
Ban total refresh cooling body cloths. Value $2.99.  These cloths are used to refresh and cool down your body. However they have a very strong powder sent that the entire box smells like which I do not care for at all so I will not be using these.
Burt’s Bees 100% natural lip crayon. Value $8.99.  This is a nice size lip crayon. I got a pretty dark pink color called Hawaiian smolder.   Not sure if they were variation on the color of this as I know several people did get the same color. I’m really not into lip crayons so I think I will either trade or give this away.

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser.  Value $9.59.  This bottle is huge! This is a really large 16 ounce bottle of facial cleanser. This is soap free and fragrance free so you know I love that.  This is a little bit heavier than what I like to use on my face generally in the summer. But with winter coming my combination skin will get really dry especially in the cold Kansas climate so I will want something a little bit thicker on my face for cleansing and moisturizing. So this will be perfect and this is such a big bottle too I can’t think I’ll need to buy anything else all winter.
Clean and clear advantage daily soothing acne scrub. Value $6.49.  I find that all over acne treatments are a bit too harsh for my face so I won’t be using this.
Curel rough skin rescue lotion.  Value $6.29.  This looks like it’ll be a great lotion for the winter as it helps to exfoliate rough and flaky skin. I actually use Curel as my normal body lotion so I’m happy to have this. This does warn that it may increase your risk of sunburn while using this due to some of the ingredients inside so you want to be careful when using this and it really is probably better for winter when you’re outside in the sun a lot less.
Dove deep moisture nourishing body wash. Value $5.29.  I like dove body wash and this is a nice big bottle 22 fl oz. and I’ll definitely use this.
E. L. F. Studio make up remover cleansing cloths.  Value $2.99.  I’ve never tried this brand of cleansing cloths so I’m excited to see how they work. You only get 20 cloths in this pack but it’s a pretty good price so I think you get your moneys worth even if I paid full price

Healthy sexy hair soy renewal oil nourishing styling treatment.  Value $22.95.  This product includes argon oil and smooths frizz, add shine and holds in moisture.  I read some really good reviews on this and it is supposed to really tame frizzy hair which I have. Products with oil in them don’t always work well with my hair however as often it can make it way too greasy. But I still want to give this a try and see how it works. I think I will wait until the cooler months to use it.
Jergens natural glow plus firming daily moisturizer.  Value $8.49.  I have been using Jergens natural glow moisturizers for a long time. I actually prefer the foaming lotion but have tried the regular lotions too and they work quite well.   This lotion is for medium to tan skin tones. I’m a light to medium skin tone so I can’t use this. But that’s okay cause my mom has medium to tan skin tone so I’ve given this to her and she can use it.
John Frieda brilliant brunette color protecting shampoo.  Value $4.99.
This shampoo is actually perfect for me because I’m a brunette and I have color treated hair. Is a nice big bottle again so I’ll be happy to try this out. I have one main shampoo that I use Pureology, but I like to mix it up a little bit sometimes as  my hair get used to my shampoos and doesn’t behave as well.

John Frieda frizz ease go curlier heat activated spray.  Value $8.99. This also works quite well for me as I do use heat on my hair during the week and I like to wear my hair curly sometimes.  This bottle claims that it can create curls that last up to 48 hours which I’m a bit skeptical of but I’ll give this a try and report back how it works.
John Frieda precision foam color intense after color conditioner.  Value $11.99.  Again this should work well with my color treated hair. It also should go well with the John Frieda shampoo I received in this box.

Make it straight. Value $17.49. This says you can achieve salon blowout results that last up to 20 shampoos by using this treatment.  For some reason this makes me a little nervous to use this treatment.  I kind doubt that it will give salon results and last up to 20 shampoos.  Not sure if I’m going to use this or not.
Neutrogena triple repair fortifying leave in treatment.  Value $5.99.  This leave in treatment says it diminishes frizz and protect hair from heat. This is safe for color treated hair so I’ll give it a try once Ive used up some of my other product
Organic Dr. organic Dead Sea mineral bio plasma mud mask.   Value $14.99.  Since I really only use Korean masks at this point and I have a ton of them to use up I don’t think I’ll use this.  I will either sell or donate or give this away.
Organic Dr. organic Moroccan Argan oil restorative treatment conditioner.  Value $24.95.  This looks like a nice conditioner but my hair does not react well with Moroccan oil so I’ll sell or give this away.
Organic Dr. organic tea tree face wash. Value $14.99.  I really likeTea tree  products but I have so many face washes that I’m not sure I’m going to keep this one. I haven’t decided yet and I may end up deciding to keep it but I really need to limit some of the cleansers I have because I just can’t use them all.
Real techniques blush brush.  Value $8.99.  I don’t use blush so I don’t think I’ll be keeping this less I can figure out a different use for it.
Redken blonde Idol BBB spray.  Value $19.  I’m a brunette so I won’t be using this. I’ll probably sell it as a as a pretty good value.

Sally Hansen miracle gel.  Value $14.99.  I got a pretty pink color but I know there are different variations of color for this product. I at least know that some people got a green color so thank goodness I got the pink!  This is a two step gel manicure that doesn’t require a UV light. I sometimes do a gel manicure on my nails and I do have a UV light so the novelty of this isn’t really too exciting for me.  I do love nail polish though so I’ll give this a try at some point.

Tresemee seven day Keratin smooth heat activated treatment. Value $6.99.  I probably would’ve tried the system out but mine mom saw this and liked it so I gave it to her. I got so many hair products in this box that I really don’t think I’m going to miss it.
I calculated value of $252.39 for this box.   I only paid $59.83 with shipping!  Even removing the items that I will give away or not use I still have a value for personal use over $100 so I’m very happy with this box. I knew there were a lot of hair products in this one and that’s what I wanted mostly since I get mostly skincare products from my other boxes. I will definitely check out the next one that’s released.


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