Eopenmarket Haul!

My order from eopenmarket.com came on Wednesday.  I was rather surprised to see it because I had just ordered on August 25 and I only paid for the cheapest shipping option.  Not bad!

I decided to order from eopenmarket when I saw a blog post about their sample filled lucky boxes.  I knew from the review that I read that the lucky boxes were mostly filled with foil samples. Typically I don’t like foil sample because usually you just get one little foil of each type of product and it’s not enough to try it out.  But with the lucky boxes however you get multiple foils of each product for most things so you actually can give it a good try.  I also like that each for foil will keep the product inside sanitary until you open it.  One trick I learned to get all of the product out is to cut open the side so you can really get inside and dig out all the product.
One other thing I’ll note about this website is the shipping is kind of high and varies by weight so you really need to watch the weight of what you’re ordering so the shipping price doesn’t get too out of control. However I think the good sales and cheap prices they have outweigh the cost of shipping.
I’ll do this review a little bit different this time as  I’m going to show you all the products and then I’ll list below what I got.
So there are couple of items that I bought separately included with my haul –
Innisfree it’s real avocado sheet masks set of three. I paid a $1.76 plus shipping for the set.
Étude house ice cream nail polish in pink. I paid $1.60 plus shipping for this.  I used this polish last night see below for a pic.  I thought the formula was pretty good but a little thick but for $1.60 I can’t complain.
I also ordered Luckybox I for $6.80 plus shipping and Luckybox II for $12.80 plus shipping.  Here’s a listing of what I got!  I have indicated with a (I) or (II) whether I got it in Luckybox I or the larger Luckybox II.
Étude House kit – baking powder BB deep cleansing foam 1oz.  Petite bijou cotton snow moisture body lotion and wash – 1 oz each.  This also came with some samples noted below. (II)
Missha time revolution night repair ampoule- 1 (I)
Mizon Crystal miracle body cream – 1(I)
Mizon returning starfish cream – 1(I) & 1(II)
Holika Holika good cera super cream – 1(I) & 1(II)
Étude house collagen moistful trial kit – these are two little bottles of a freshener and emulsion – 1(I) & 1(II)
Secret key snail plus EGF repairing cream – 1(I) & 1(II)
Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask –1(I) & 1(II)
TonyMoly aqua aura serum – 8(I) & 3(II) & 1 extra thrown in order
Skin 79 BB cleanser- 3(I) & 5(II)
Skinfood Royal honey nutrition cream – 2(I) & 2(II)
Skinfood fresh apple smooth pore cream – 3(II)
Skinfood Royal honey mask – 1(II)
Skinfood good afternoon honey black tea BB – 1(I) & 4(II)
it skin mango white peeling gel –1(I) & 4(II)
skinfood broccoli whitening ampoule –
4(I) & 4(II)
Mizon original skin energy peptide 500 –1(I) & 1(II)
Tony moly nose pack egg pore – 1(I) 
Étude house precious mineral BB cream – 2(I) & 3(II) & 3 in Étude House kit
Mizon all in one snail repair cream –1(I) & 1(II)
Mizon bee venom calming fresh cream –
2(I) & 3(II)
Tony moly tomatoX magic massage package – 5(I) & 7(II)
Tony moly aqua aura rich cream –3(I) & 2(II) & 1 extra
Innisfree it’s real green tea mask –1(I)
Skinfood premium tomato whitening toner -2(II)
Skinfood black egg pore primer –5(I) & 2(II)
Skinfood black raspberry eye cream – 1(II)
Skinfood black pomegranate touch mask –1(II)
Etude house nymph  aura volumer – extra in box
Etude house fresh cherry tint – 3(II) & 1 extra
Mizon collagen power firming enriched cream – 1(I) & 1(II)
Mizon original skin energy placenta 45 –
1(I) & 1(II)
Mizon snail repair intensive ampoule–1(I) & 2(II)
Skinfood broccoli cleansing foam –2(I) & 3(II)
Misha time revolution wrinkle cure set
Etude house sun prize water essence Gel – 3 in Etude kit
Tony moly fruit princess gloss – 1(II) 
Look at this cute little princess gloss!

I paid $22.96 plus $10.70 of shipping costs less two dollars off for signing up for an account. For a total of $31.66 spent for all this stuff.  I’m very happy with my first order from the eopenmarket.com and I’m sure I will be ordering from them again!

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