Testerkorea Haul

I think in the last month I’ve tried to order from every reputable Korean beauty site there it is!  I heard about TesterKorea from fanserviced-b blog post she did about anti-acne blemish patches.

One thing to note about this site is everything prices in Korean wons.  The conversion rate for US to Won is about 1 dollar for 1,000 won so that how I will put prices but it will not be exact!  This site also charges shipping.
I ordered on August 5th and did not receive it until September 2nd.  There was an issue with a small item in my order so that was refunded but it still took quite a while to get this package.  Also it came registered mail so I had to pick it up from the post office (well my Mom did!) so that is a pain.
Here’s what I got!
A’pieu Tea Tree Spot Patches one sheet  $.50.  Innisfree Jejubija anti trouble spot patches one sheet $2.  Testerkorea was one of the only places I could find single sheets of these patches. I only have occasional acne so I only wanted a few of these to try out.  I will use one as soon as I have a problem but right now my skin is amazingly clear!
Nature Republic snail solution masks set of 10 full size masks $5.  Not pictured.
To Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack – set of 10. $4. These have the cutest little packaging a little pumpkin with a mask on it.  I love TCFS packaging!  I’m excited to try this.
Etude pouch Hawaiin pouch $2.50. Ok so I mistakenly thought this was the pouch with the items pictured inside the pouch.  But my bad for not reading the description.  Not sure what I will do with this but maybe will give to my mom for her preschool kids.

These free samples came with the order.

I paid almost $8 for shipping from Korea. All total I paid around $22 for this which is not bad.  However due to the price of shipping and slow speed I think I like some of the other sites I’ve used better.

Author: had4567


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