This week in Masks – 9/1

Here are the masks I used this week!

Glam glow. I got this in my July glossybox. I’ve been wanting to try glam glow for a long time but I just never managed to get my hands on some.  You know what I was expecting, I knew this was a mud mask and I definitely wasn’t expecting there to be big chunks of stuff in it.  I think the chunks did help to exfoliate my face. And my face did feel quite nice afterwords and in the morning. And there is a definite tingle when you’re using this mask!
Etude house I need you mango mask.  I got a set of  Etude house assorted masks from yes style. Mango is my favorite fruit so I wanted to use this one right away.   I don’t know that this  had a very strong mango smell but it did smell sweet. This mask fit my face perfectly and had just the right amount of essence so that it lasted the full 20 minutes I had this on my face but wasn’t too much that it dripped all down my neck. I hate that!  This mask was firming and left my face feeling soft. I’m very happy with this mask.
Too cool for school pumpkin sleeping pack. I got a set of 10 of these little guys from tester Korea. There’s actually quite a lot in each of these little packs and I had enough to put on my face and my neck.  I thought this worked well on my face felt nice and soft in the morning. It did not smell like pumpkin however and kind of had a strong perfume you smell I didn’t care for. The smell did go away after about 5 to 10 minutes though.
My beauty Diary dark circles intensive care eye masks.   I got these in my Beauteque head to toe spa bag. These are really strange as they go under and over your eye so I was kind of a weird fit.
Honestly I felt like these were uncomfortable to wear. But I did leave them on for 15 minutes and I don’t know if I really felt there’s a difference on my but I did moisturize them so I think that helped.
That’s it for this week! What masks did you try this week?

Author: had4567

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