What I used this week – 9/1

This week I used a few different new items and an item that I haven’t used in a long time.

Skinfood peach sake toner.  I got this from beautynetKorea. I really love this toner and has a great Peachy smell and it really works well with my skin as my first step of my skincare process after cleansing.

Infinite love mist from Lotus Wei.  I got this mist in my spring 2014 Yuzen box.  I remember when I got this it was really cold in Kansas in the bottle froze and broke in my box. I emailed customer service just to let them know that they might need to package them differently in the winter and was surprised that they responded to me right away saying they would send out a replacement bottle immediately.  They did exactly what they said and I even got an extra chocolate bar in there. I’ve been very impressed with the Yuzen customer service based upon that experience.  Anyhow this little mist smells a lot likeflowers and sometimes a spray on my pillows when I’m going to sleep.

Über loss shampoo and conditioner.  This is from this month glossybox. I tried this out this weekend and the shampoo smells quite nice and has a pretty purpley pink color.  The conditioner instructions said that you’re supposed to apply it after shampooing and put a cap on your head and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.   Yeah soooo that’s not gonna happen ever!  I use this like I use my normal conditioner where I do apply it after I shampoo and leave it on while I finish up in the shower for 6 -8 minutes.   Even though I didn’t follow the directions completely I think that’s left my hair pretty soft and manageable. I’ll finish up the little bottles of this.
Shower Mate Marilyn perfume body wash and red fantasy.   I got this in memebox Global 14 which I unboxed the other day.  I’m not much of one for perfumed body washes but this one said it smelled like Rose and Jasmine and those are two scents that I really like so I decided to give this a try.   I was pretty disappointed in this that I didn’t think it smelled like Rose or Jasmine, in fact it smelled a bit musky if you ask me.   Also couldn’t get this to lathrt much. So overall I really wasn’t very happy with this and I’m not sure if I’m going to finish up the bottle.

Author: had4567


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