Let’s Go to the Mall – mini haul!

Last weekend I did something haven’t done in a long time I went to an indoor shopping mall!  I do most of my shopping at outdoor malls or online anymore.  My mom wanted to go to Nordstrom’s to get a pair of Toms and they are one of the few places in our area that carry them.  I decided to go along and while I was there I picked up a few things too.

So I posted a week or two ago about looking for some peeptoe booties for the fall.  I saw an amazing pair of Joie peeptoe bootie both online and in the store.  But the $335 price tag was a bit too steep for me so I was looking for something comparable but cheaper.  Luckily I was able to find this great pair of halogen brand booties.   I think halogen is Nordstrom store brand.  
These boots were much more reasonably priced at $119.  I wasn’t able to wear these last week as I was getting over my back problem but I think I’ll wear them this week!  Now like I said I hadn’t been in the Nordstrom’s in a long time and I was amazed at the ease of the checkout.  The sales associate checked me out right at my seat and I didn’t even have to get up so that was very convenient and easy.

While we were there we popped into a couple other stores and Loft was having a sale.  Seriously though when are they not having a sale?? But I picked up a couple of tops while I was in there.
The back of this sweater!

I don’t know if I’ll be going back to being the indoor mall goer I was when I was when I was younger.  I mean it’s just so much more convenient to order things online. But it was kind of fun to go to the mall reminds me of my teenage years!

Author: had4567


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