Birchbox September 2014 Unboxing!

Wow my birchbox came really fast this month! It came so quickly that I didn’t even get to spoil the contents by looking to see what I got online.  I knew one item I was getting as I selected it when I was sent the email to customize my box but everything else was a surprise. Let’s see what I got!

First look –oooh look at the pretty box it comes in this month!
Product card
Acure organics day cream.  Value $11.40.  I love Acure organic products and I’ve gotten several things from different boxes over the last year.  Acure products are free of all kinds of nasty things like parabens and sulfates, so great to put on your face!  This is a really nice size sample too it’s a 1 ounce tube and the full-size product is only 1.75 ounces so you really get to try this out.   I will use this once I switch over to using heavier products for the winter time.
Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee fragrance.  Oh birchbox please stop sending me perfumes!  I’ve hated every perfume they’ve sent me and I even have that box marked on my survey indicating that I want no more than six perfume samples for year.  I wish there was a box to mark no perfume samples per year.  I’m not even going to put a value on this because to me it has no value.  I’ll try to trade this for something that I might like.
Davines Oi conditioner.  Value $9.60.   This is another really big sample as this conditioner is 2.53 ounces and the full-size is only 8.45 ounces.  I’ve tried Davines products before and they didn’t work very well with my hair type so I think I’m going to this for something else.  I do like that this was such a large sample and they also included two packets of the shampoo and hair oil so you could try out the whole line.
Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser starter kit. Value $7.42. This was the product that I had picked when I went to customize my box so I know I was getting this.  I’ve been wanting to give this a try for a while.   This comes with a 1 ounce bottle of cleanser and one muslin cloth.

Pixi Shea butter lip balm in honey nectar.   Value $8.  Can’t tell exactly but I think this is a full-size product. If not it’s definitely a good sized product.  I tested this out and seems like a nice lip balm and it almost colorless. Which is actually perfect for me as I like very light or no color things. I definitely will use it.

I calculate an amazing value of $36.42 for this box.  I only paid $8.25 as I bought a years subscription which is actually up next month I believe.  Also will get five dollars in birchbox points when I review these items on the website  Even though there are a couple of items I won’t use from this box I’m still very happy with the items that I will use!  

Author: had4567

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