Beauteque September BB Bag unbaging :)

Beauteque released their September BB bag recently and I snatched it right up.  I’m quickly becoming a Beauteque fan because they have name brand Korean products at great prices.  Also they are based in NJ so much quicker shipping than regular shipping from Korea. This is my first BB bag  as they release them I think quarterly.  I believe they plan to start a monthly service next year and I’m sure to sign up! 

Let’s see what I got in this months bag!

First Look

Beauteque did not send a product card with this bag but I did get an email with descriptions and directions of use. I must have deleted the email as I can’t find it but these products are fairly easy to find online or are self explanatory so not too worried!
Holika Holika Daily Garden Green Tea Cleansing Foam.  Value $7.10.  This was one of the items we got to choose the scent for this bag so I knew I was getting this.  This looks like a good cleanser and I love the Holika Holika brand.  I have sooo many face cleansers though I have no excuse not to wash my face!!
It’s skin mini tint gloss in pink.  Value $4.79. This was the other item we got to choose the color for and I picked the pink color.  This is a very light pink and almost colorless which is my favorite color of gloss!
The Face Shop Modeling Gel Patch.  Value $3.25. I tried a lip patch before and didn’t feel like it had much of an effect other than immediately after I used it.  But I’m always game to try one!
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream.  Value $8.99.  This looks nice and I’ve heard good things about the Mizon brand.  I’ll add this to my stash!  Funny how since I’ve been using Korean products using snail mucus now seems like no big deal!! 🙂
Skinfood Daily 1 lashes and adhesive.  Value $2.05.  I knew I was getting lashes as we got to pick which type.  I don’t wear false eyelashes so will add to my trade list.

Beauteque pore brush.  Value $20. I saw some similar brushes for this price. This is a very nice face brush made for Beauteque. I’m probably not going to keep this as I intend to invest in a Clarisonic this holiday season – surely they will be on sale!  Otherwise I would certainly do this.
I calculate a value of $46.18 for this bag. I only paid $21.19 because I had a 10% off coupon so paid $20 plus $1.19 in sales tax.  Shipping is free for US locations but there is a charge for other countries.  The September beauty bag is still available so to Beauteque’s website and purchase one now!

Author: had4567

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