What I’m obsessed with today!

Disclosure – this post includes referral links.

I’ve always got something I’m obsessing about!  Here’s some of the things I’ve been thinking about this week!

Coasters!  I moved into a new office at work so now I need some coasters to sit my drinks on instead or the piece of paper I have now.  Where does one find reasonably priced coaster sets?  Target?  Home Goods?  Not too fancy but not you know just cork.  I was looking on Etsy last night and they were either way too pricy, or paper which are just not durable enough, or had an interesting subject matter like cats with bow ties!  
Cute…but no.  My search continues!
Lucy collar!
So I bought Lucy a new collar which was too pricy but cute from Petsmart.  I thought it was fine but aparently per my parents thought it was “too tight”.  I could pull it off her head so I think it was fine but before they called the ASPCA to turn me in for doggy abuse I took it off and ordered a new one.  I checked this many times to make sure it’s big enough.  Lucy hates having her collar messed with so it was unpleasant for both of us but it’s done.  Of course now I’ve spent like $30 on dog collars.
Lucy expressing her displeasure with me messing with her collar.  She’s a dachshund so has a big mouth!!
Hairdo i think my hair is mad at me lately as seems nothing i do makes it happy.  It’s super frizzy and unmanageable so I don’t know what it wants!  I need to use a hair mask but most of the Korean ones I have say put your hair in a pony tail and mine is not long enough for that.  So I wonder if I could put it on my whole head???
Golden Tote!  OMG I already have shipping notice for Totes I ordered on Tuesday!  Usually it takes a couple of weeks.  I’m so excited to see what surprise items I get!  If you haven’t checked out Golden Tote you should as it’s an amazing deal for different and boutique type clothing!  If you would like to try it out click on my referral link here !
That’s it for this week.  What are your obsessions?

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