Memebox Superbox #50 Anti-Aging 3

Disclosure –  this post includes affiliate links.
The third box in the bundle that I received on Monday is the super box number 50 anti-aging 3.   When I ordered this box I didn’t have a lot of anti-aging products, but since then I received quite a few, so I didn’t need as many of these products as I thought it would.  Still I think this was a really good box and let’s take a look at what I got.
First look
Product card – a must unless you speak and understand Korean.

Pro you S wrinkle SC renewal cream.  Value $56.00.  This is listed for $96 on the card but it’s actually on sale right now in the memeshop for $56.  This is a nice big tub of cream. However right now I have enough creams to last me all winter don’t think I need anymore at the moment.   I think I will try to sell this.
Pro you lip & eye wrinkle cream.  Value $18.  Again I found this cheaper on sale in the memeshop.  I have a lot of different eye creams so I wasn’t going to keep this.  But when I took it out of the box has a really unique applicator so I’m kind of curious about that and I think I’m going to keep this and give it a try.
Pro you all day white and wrinkle ampoule dual set.  Value $28.  This is the third pro you product in the box!  I didn’t open this up because I intend to sell it. That includes four anti-wrinkle ampoules and four multi white ampoules.  I think it’s nice that these are separate little containers or vials but I have a backlog of ampoules that I want to try so that’s why I plan to sell this.
Tosowoong super BB cream.  Value $12.  Oooh this is a super BB cream.  Lol I don’t really know that means or if it’s any different than a regular BB cream.  As I’ve mentioned before I really like the Tosowoong brand so I’ll definitely give this a try.
Simply when present perfect mask – three masks. Value $11.  I really liked the when masks that I’ve tried, though I’m not sure what the differences with the simply when ones.  I love that we get three masks so wecan really give them a good try. I’ve added these to my ever-growing mask boxes 🙂
Seatree tibet mushroom neck cream.  Value $12. You know a neck cream is not really anything that I’ve ever wanted to try at all. Maybe I will want to try this when I get older but for now I think my neck is just fine and I think I’ll try to sell this.

I calculated a value of $137 for this box.   I only paid $31.98 so again I got a great deal.

This box was actually available for quite a long time but looks like it just sold out.  But never fear, memebox is always coming out with new and sequel boxes so there are plenty for you to purchase.  Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy one now!

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