This week in masks – 9/8

Here are the masks that I used this week!

When mask 10 PM.  I got this mask in a meme box.   I actually love when masks. These are made out of bio cellulose which is a gel type mask made out of coconut and it really it conforms to your face.  This mask said you’re supposed to use it sometime between 10pm to 2 AM in the morning but that’s way past my bedtime on a work night so I used it about 830pm.  This left my skin feeling great for days.   These masks are actually on sale at sephora but they’re quite pricey so glad to be able to try them.
Sally’s box delight Ceramide hydrogel mask.   I received a set of these in the global 14 Memebox.  I don’t believe I’ve ever used a mask with Ceramide in it before  but I think I may be allergic to it.   Within a few minutes of using this my face started to burn and then I started coughing a lot.  I took it right off and wash my face and it didn’t have any lasting damage or anything but I don’t think I’m going to try any more ceramide masks for a while.
Banilla Claypatra  mineral salt Clay pack. Aah I used this up I also got it memebox and I absolutely loved it.  it’s a small container but I got quite a few uses out of it and it makes my face feel fantastic.  I have some other clay and mud masks to try but I may have track more of this down at some point I know it’s for sale on eBay.
That’s it for this week what masks did use this week?

Author: had4567

2 thoughts on “This week in masks – 9/8”

  1. Woah! I'd probably freak out of a mask made me cough. I actually tried Sally's ceramic mask a week ago and loved it. Face fells so plump and soft after. Thankfully Im not allergic to ceramide because I have super dry skin.


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