Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing

A couple of weeks ago I heard that Walmart had released a beauty box.  For just a flat $5 shipping charge Walmart would send you a box of skincare, makeup and hair products.   You will receive four boxes each quarter for the next year each with just the $5 flat shipping charge.  So your total commitment is just $20!  I had received a similar target beauty box earlier this year and I was pretty happy with that so I thought I give this a try.  For five dollars I really didn’t have very high expectations. Let’s see what I got.

First look – this was a total surprise to me as I had not seen any spoilers for what was in the box and you don’t get a tracking number so the box just shows up in your mailbox one day.
Secret clinical strength invisible solid completely clean deodorant.  Value $5.99.  This is a full-size product and it’s actually the deodorant that I use. I prefer the clear gel type and I usually use a different scent but I like this scent and I don’t mind using the invisible solid so I’ll definitely use this.  And with the price of this, the box had already paid for itself!
Olay regenerist micro sculpting cream. .5 ounces.  Value $6.47.  This is about a third of the size of the full-size product so not a bad size sample!  I used to use this and then I stopped because I switched to products that were not petroleum-based. But I think my mom might use this so I’m going to give this to her or I can take it to work and give it to somebody there.
Loreal Revitalift triple power deep acting moisturizer.  Value $5.  Again this is about a third of the as of the full-size product.   I looked up these ingredients online and it doesn’t appear to be petroleum-based but it does have a lot of alcohol in it. I try to avoid alcohol when possible on my face.  Also has parabens which I don’t keep completely out of my products but I do try to limit. So not sure what I’m going to do with this, I might trade it but I may give it a try too at some point so I think I’m going to hold onto it for the moment.
Cover girl continuous with color lipstick in it’s your mauve.  Value $4.94.  This is a nice full-size lipstick and is a really pretty color. But I don’t wear lipstick I think my mom does so I think I’ll give it to her. I’m sure I can find it a home somewhere.
Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy shampoo and conditioner damage and color repair.  I don’t place a value typically on small samples like this but these would be nice to take on vacation.
Juicy coture perfume sample. okay so this is the only thing that I really hate in his box that I’m not a fan of perfume.  But I’m not surprised at all that there is a perfume sample in this box and I think it fits with the theme. I just personally don’t like them so the garbage can ate this.
Even though I won’t use most of the items in this box I’m still really happy I got it for the five dollar value. I calculate a total value for this box of $22.59 so this is Worth Way more than the five dollars I paid for it. I will use the deodorant and the rest of the items I can use as gifts or trade. I can’t wait to see whether in the next box.  The Walmart beauty boxes are still available to purchase click the link  Here to go to the Walmart beauty website. I don’t know if you’ll get this box or if you’ll just get the remaining three boxes for the year are exactly how it’s going to work. But for five dollars it’s really hard to beat this deal.

Author: had4567

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