Golden Tote September Unboxing!

Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.

OMG my Golden Totes are here!!  I was so excited to get home and try everything on!  I had my mom come over to take pictures and to try on the boyfriend jeans that I ordered her in one of my totes. She loved them of course.  Click here and here to find out more about Golden Tote and see the review of my other totes.

This month I ordered two large totes which are $149 each and a belt for $16 from the boutique.  I had a total of 4 chosen items but one were the boyfriend distressed jeans for my mom which are not pictured but we got them!  Let’s see what I got.
THML little black dress and belt from Golden Tote boutique. This was a chosen item and I paired this with the purple Chris and Carol cardi I got in last months tote.  I love this dress and it is the perfect fit!  It’s sleeveless and I think the belt really makes it look finished.  Very work appropriate length too!
Miss Love Skirt.  This is another chosen item and unfortunately I think it’s a bit too tight.  It’s super cute but I think I will need to sell this to someone a little smaller.
Le Lis sweatshirt and quilted black and speckled grey sleeves and promesa grey maxi. Both of these are favorites.  The sweatshirt is super comfy and just fitted enough that I think I can get away with wearing to work.  I got a promesa maxi last month and I love it and this grey is great!  It’s very soft and a little thicker weight for cooler months. It is long but I just rolled the top over to be the right length!
Hourglass Lilly dress. It’s hard to tell in these pics but this dress is blue, purple and grey.  It doesn’t look too bad in the front but the back is very short.  I think it’s too short for me to be comfortable so I will probably sell or trade this.
Priddy slouchy pants in charcoal.  Ok I knew I was getting these and was pretty sure I was gonna hate them! But I kinda love them lol. They are very comfy and have pockets!  I think I will keep them but not sure if I will wear them out of the house.  Lol
Color & Thread blue and green shirtS. This is very cute but the bottom part is really tight around the hips.  I’m not sure if I like that or not so I will have to think about if I want to keep this one.
Skies are Blue knit jacket.  This is another chosen item and I love it!  It’s very thick though so I need to wait to wear it until it get colder.  Which it definitely will in KS so this will be great for winter!
Another Le Lis sweatshirt. I love this sweatshirt in white and grey and white sleeves.  Love this!
Ellison cream top. I didn’t like this until I rolled up the sleeves but I really like it that way.  It’s very thin though so I will need to wear a camisole under it.
Jolie sweater in oatmeal and black.  This is a very comfy and soft sweater.  It is a dolman sweater (bat wings!) but it really like it.  It’s a bit think so again will need a camisole I think but this is so nice!
Very happy with my totes this month.  Only a couple of items that aren’t working but I can trade or sell them on the Golden Tote trading group Facebook page.  I’ve had great luck in sales on there.
If you would like to try Golden Tote I would appreciate if you would use my referral link here !

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