Random Post Thursday!

I have several random things that I wanted to share with you.  I thought these were too small to do a whole post so I’m posting them all together.

Lucy’s Halloween costume! :).  Isn’t she cute as a ballerina.
Brads deals – so this may not be as exciting for people that aren’t as crazy about organizations as I am but I found this deal on brads deals for Walmart.com.  At the 60 piece Rubbermaid set for $19.88 plus tax.  I needed a new large container for Lucy’s  dog food and I’m always taking the little ones to work with my lunch. This is a good deal for this set!  I also ordered a electric blanket for downstairs as my basement gets really chilly in the winter.  Since my order was over $50 my shipping was free.
So I get an a lot of stuff in my subscription boxes that I order and as I mentioned before I sell a lot of it on eBay. But there are some items that are sample size and not really worth the time, effort, and fees for posting on eBay.   For these items I  usually try to swap them if I don’t give them away.   I use the sites makeup talk and my subscription addiction for my swap and trades.   Both of the sites are great and offer feedback modules so you can trade with confidence.  When I first started trading I really wasnt sure what items to request or to offer for trade and or what would make a fair trade.  Now I am much better determining what I think is fair as I’ve done probably over 50 trades. I have learned some things over this time I’ve been trading including that swapping multiple items for other multiple items are usually the best deal.   Here is a recent trade that I did on my subscription addiction and it went great!
Items I received

Items I sent

I was quite happy with this swap that I got a full-size nail polish and a couple of deluxe samples that I wanted. I thought this was a pretty fair trade as my trading partner had requested a couple of small samples and a couple of deluxe samples none of which I wanted so this was a great deal for both of us.   The shipping was only about two dollars so there wasn’t much cost for me.
Golden tote. My totes are scheduled for delivery today! I cannot wait to get home from work and check out all the clothes I got.  This month golden tote actually put codes for the surprise items we got in order so I spent way too much time on the golden tote trading Facebook page trying to figure out what surprise items I got it. There’s a whole post dedicating to deciphering those codes and it was great fun.   I’m so excited to see how everything fits and how it looks in person. I’ll try to get my and unboxing post up tonight so you can see what I got too!

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