W2 Beauty Haul

So I swear in August I think I ordered from every reputable Korean website that ships to the US!  Here’s what I got from W2 beauty. I was clearly feeling like my hands and feet were neglected when I did this order. 🙂

W-2 beauty is run by Alice. I think that’s her on the card there. I ordered this on August 23 and I received it on Monday, September 15.  That’s not horrible considering shipping was really cheap.  I found that the W2 beauty prices were a bit higher some other websites but this had the best selection I found that would ship to the US.
Baviphat Chicly Paint Nail in light grey.  Price $11.23. I’m pretty sure I purchased this because it cute packaging!  Also I don’t really have a light gray cream like this in my nail polish collection And I always like to add new colors.  I’ll try it out and see how the formula is.
The Face Shop Face It peel off base.  Price $5.04.  I’ve been wanting to try a peel off base polish for a while as I hate trying to remove glitter polish.  I’m not sure about the durability of this but I really only needed to last through the day and through my shower in the morning as I like to change my polish a lot. I’ll give this a try next time I change my polish and see how it goes.
I also for a little hard candy which I assume is from Korea!
Masks, masks, masks…
Tony Moly Fresh Peppermint Foot Mask.  Price $6.61.  This mask is designed to provide moisture and nutrients and has a peppermint scent.

Innisfree special care mask elbow and heel with herb green and green complex.  Price $4.89. This is a special mask for your elbows and heels. I’m not exactly sure how this works yet but I’m excited to give it a try.
Missha home aesthetic paraffin treatment hand mask. Price $5.04.
This mask contains paraffin and botanical oil and is a moisturizing hand mask.

Missha home aesthetic paraffin treatment foot mask. Price $5.04. This mask is similar to the hand mask and that it contains paraffin and botanical oil and is moisturizing but it for your feet.

Secret key Snail+EGF repairing mask pack.  I guess I got this for free as I don’t see this on my invoice. This is a face pack and contains sale still mucus which is really good for your face.

Shara shara baby hand and nail mask. Price $4.86.   Another hand and nail softening mask.

Étude house hand boutique Rich collagen hand mask. Price $5.15.  This hand mask is a two-step process and really not exactly sure what each process is but again I will give this a try and add it to my weekly mask post.

Shara shara real sauce lemon mask
I also must have gotten this face mask for free.
There are also several free samples in addition to the two full-size masks that I got for free in this package.
$47.86 plus $2.50 in shipping for this order.   I think that a pretty good price for all the namebrand items that I got.   This order did come registered mail which I don’t love because you have to sign for them so it always has to be picked up from the post office.  Overall I was very happy with my W2 beauty order and I think I will order from Alice again.

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