Beauteque Haul #2

Beauteque is running a sale through the end of the month on Lioele products.  I had heard some great things about these products but never tried anything so thought this was a great time to check them out.

I placed my order on Sunday Sept 10th and I received it on Wednesday!  Gotta love that shipping speed!  I also made sure I ordered over $35 so my shipping was free (U.S. only).  Let’s see what I got!
Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack. Sale price $10.  Normal price $15.60.  I have heard amazing things about this sleeping pack so am thrilled to try it.  I have a couple other sleeping packs open to use first.  I will note that this item does expire in July 2015 so it will need to be used relatively quickly but I don’t see a problem with that.
Lioele Nature for me skin.  Sales price $15.  Regular price $19.99.  This is a gentle toner.  I wanted to get another toner to use downstairs at night as that is where I do my masks.  And yes I’m usually to lazy to go upstairs and use the toner I use in the morning!  Lol. I will also note that this toner should be used by July 2015 as it has a manufacture date of July 2012 (I have always heard that sealed products like these should be good for 3 years). Not a big deal for me but something to note if you are planning to not use items right away.
Lioele all night moisture lip essence.  Sales price $10.  Regular price $11.89.  I have tried night lip treatments before and liked them so I thought Id give this a try.  I used this last night and not sure it was more moisturizing than my normal lip balm but it certainly didn’t dry out my lips.  I’ll keep trying it and see what I think!
Lioele Perfect Pore Control Essence Mask.  Sales price $1.00. Normal price $1.99

Lioele perfect brightening essence mask.  Sales price $1.00.  Regular price $2.40.

It was here that I reached $35 then I remembered I had a 10% off coupon so I used that and then I needed to pick up a couple other things.  Keep in mind when qualifying for free shipping that the cost is calculated after any coupons but before tax which is fair but can take a little calculating to get there.
So I also picked up 2 Etude house masks  that I didn’t have – Shea Butter and Zucchini for $1.99 each. 
I paid a little over $39 for this haul.  Which may be a bit higher if I ordered it from Korea but I’m happy to support a US company and I love the quick shipping!!
Oh and thank goodness I got more masks because I’m running low!  Here is my current stash 😜

Author: had4567

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