Barkbox September Unboxing

Lucy’s barkbox came on Thursday. This is the same day my golden totes came and she was pissed off at me that I made her wait until I tried on all my clothes before i opened up her box!   Somehow she knew this one was for her.

First Look – looks like a back to school theme!
Product Card. –  I’m always glad to get 2 toys in this box!
Loopies Letterman Jacket Toy.  Value $10. This toy is very cute and looks pretty durable.  It’s a nice sturdy fabric.  I always let Lucy pick one toy if we get two and she picked this one!  I thought she’s pick the other as it was more crinkly but she has a mind of her own! Lol
Nootie Jerky Burger BBQ duck treats.  Value $7.  These look like great treats made with real duck!  We have a few treats open now so will save these until those are done.  Right now we are loving the lobster treats we got in Lucy’s last box – she is crazy over those!
Etta Says Rabbit Chew.  Value $3.  I don’t let Lucy eat these because she has a cracked tooth.  Doesn’t bug her in normal eating but chews can make it bleed.  Not pictured as we gave it away to another doggy!
Safemade Pet Pawford pennant.  Value $5.  Cute!  I put this in our toy stash for another day!

Petsafe Indigo Smokehouse Strips – Bacon.  Value $7.  Okay these suckers are real bacon and they are vacuum sealed so you have to use them within like three days of opening them and need to be refrigerated after opening. So seriously I think people could eat these but I’m not going to. Lucy loves bacon but I do try to limit it because it upsets her tummy.
I paid $16.29 for this box and received $32 worth of products.  We are always happy with these boxes!
Lucy with her new toy.  “What?  No I didn’t chew up my new toy?? “. 🙂

Author: had4567

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