What I used this week – 9/14

Here are some of the items I used last week!

e.l.f. Makeup remover cleansing cloths.  I got these in the Allure Fall box.  Ugh as face cleansing wipes these were awful.  They are small and aren’t wet enough.  They also smell like a lemon moist towelette to me so who wants to put that on your face??  I tried these a couple of times and then I took them to work where I use them to wipe my hands – they work fine for that!  Lol
Sua Young foundation – I got this in a recent Memebox.  This is really runny for a foundation so I really didn’t like that.  It’s not bad and the color is fine for my pale skin but the consistency is off.  Maybe you are supposed to layer it??  I have way too many other bb creams and foundation I like better so probably won’t even use this up.
Maybelline grey matters eyeshadow duo –let me tell ya,I have looked high and low for the perfect light grey eyeshadow.  I’ve spent money on similar ones that were either too dark or too shimmery!  I have never found any that I like as well as this little Maybelline duo!  I really only use the light grey side but it’s really the perfect little light grey without sparkles in it!  I think I am over trying to find a higher end alternative as this little drugstore item works just fine for me!
The Face Shop peel off base coat – I tried this on Friday and it lasted about 3 days which is pretty good as this is designed to peel off.  The only thing I didn’t like was the polish peeled off in smaller pieces mostly.  But it did peel off easily and without damaging my nails.

Author: had4567


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