Memebox Superbox #10 Snail Restocked

Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.

So last week memebox restocked some boxes and offered a free upgrade to express shipping so I snagged a couple. When I first started getting memeboxes I never wanted an upgrade to express shipping because it comes via DHL and they make you sign for the package.   However DHL makes it really easy and send me a text the night before with a tracking number so I can leave and signed note on my door and they will leave the package on my porch for me.  I love getting the packages a day or two after they are sent in Korea too.

The Memebox snail box was actually one that I wanted to try after reading reviews. I was really happy to be able to get this when it came back in stock and they knew I would use almost all of these items.  Also I just want to note that from my understanding the snails are not injured or killed to get the mucus for these products. There are special snail farms that collect this mucus.  If anyone knows any differently though please let me know. Let’s see what I got.

First look
Product card – this card is different as it’s not on the normal thicker card stock but seems to just be a copy made on a piece of paper.  I mean I don’t really care just makes it thinner.
The skin house wrinkle snail system cream. value $18.
I’ve been very happy with the skin house products that I have tried thus far so I’m excited to give this a try. I have found that the creams seem to be really too thick for my face but they are great on other parts of my body.  I think I’ll use this as a foot cream because I just used up the other face cream I was using on my feet the other day.

Pure smile non-silicon snail treatment. Value $16.  I heard great things about this rinse off conditioner. It supposedly makes your hair very soft and shiny and this is a huge 250 mL bottle. I can’t wait to give this a try and see how it works.

Elensilia EGF renovage youth activating eye cream.  Value $18.48.  LOL no way this is worth $89 that is shown on memebox’s card!  Is it a standard eye cream it just has snail stuff in it. Think I’m going to use this as my downstairs eye cream and I’m usually too lazy to walk upstairs and get my upstairs one and I wash my face downstairs at night!

DKDN Snail recover intensive serum.  Value  $10.22.   This is actually the only item I’m not sure if I’m going to use out of this box but I haven’t decided yet. It typically don’t like serums so that’s why I’m hesitant about it but like I said I haven’t hundred percent decided yet.

Purederm age regenerating multi step treatment ampoule and snail 3-D mask.  Value $4.  AND

Dewytree snail vitalising mask sheet.  Value $2.98.

This was a surprise as both masks were in the box even though originally this box came with one or the other. As you know I love the mask so I added these to my stash.
I calculate a value of nearly $70 for this box.  I paid $35.04 for the box and I will use everything in it except for maybe the serum.  I’m very happy I could pick this up when it was available!
This box is sold out yet again but there are always many boxes for sale at Memebox.  Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy one now!

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