Memebox Luckybox 7 Restocked Unboxing

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The second restocked box that I picked up from memebox was luckybox 7.  I bought this mostly for a couple of items that I knew I wanted to use and I figured the rest I could either use or sell.  Let’s see what I got!

First look
Product card
Illi green tea bringing mask. Value $3.  I think I got this in one of the global memeboxes. Anyhow it was in one of the first boxes that I got and I tried this mask right away. I liked it then but I will be interested to try this now that I’ve become a regular user of sheet masks.
Botanic hill BOH radiant youth ampoule essence and BOH moist youth ampoule essence.  Value $6.40.  You know I’m not really sure if you’re supposed to use these together or separately so I’ll have to do a little research before I use them.  These are little samples so I probably won’t get very many uses out of them but I’ll use them!
Hanskin bio origin royale ampoule bb.  Value $3.86.  I got this in the Coffee Break with Dani collab box.  I used it up and thought it worked well but this little bottle only gives you enough for a couple uses.

Charm Mud Green Pearl.  Value $35 (yeah ok probably not but I couldn’t find this so going with Memevalue). Um so I guess you have to mix the powder into this?  I’m guessing you put powder in your hand and them add this bottle of stuff and put it on your face??  I don’t know but it does look like too much work for my liking so I think I will sell or trade this.
Mise en scene curling essence.  Value $12.  This was one of the main items that I wanted out of this box. I got a small one in a different Memebox and I wanted the full-size. This is a leave in conditioner that I will use when I wear my hair wavy.

Illi cleansing oil and foam set.  Value $1.46.  It’s hard to tell from my picture but these are pretty small. I’ve been wanting to try out some cleansing oil though so I will give these a try.

Elle girl I say tint you say gloss.  Value $23.  This color is hardcore red.  I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses and certainly not red ones so I think I will be selling this. I do really like the packaging though so I almost kept it because of that but I think I’d rather sell it so somebody can use it the way it’s intended.
23 years old air-laynic pore mask.   Value $14. I think Memebox must have gotten a sale on these because I’ve gotten like three other of these masks in other boxes. I’m really not a fan of the delivery method of these. You use the syringe and apply it onto the paper masks included and then put that on your nose. I have had a lot of luck of selling these on eBay though so I will sell this one. I’ve sold these for about nine dollars on there though which is less than the value but I try to keep my prices reasonable.
I calculate a value of nearly $98 for this box.  I paid $26.95 for the box and I’m happy I could pick this up when it was available!

This box is sold out yet again but there are always many boxes for sale at Memebox.  Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy one now!

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