This Week in Masks – 9/21

My skin was irritable this week as it warmed up again to the 80s after having a cold snap.  I have combination skin so I always have trouble with the changing of seasons. Hence I used quite a few of the A’pieu spot treatments that I showed last week so I won’t show those again.  But I did use a couple of masks.

Rubelli bio cellulose eye patches.  I have said before how much I like bio cellulose masks and these are no different.  They are quite slimy so some people don’t like that but I love how they stick to my face! I think these help reduce puffiness and my dark circles under my eyes.  I will say that these are not quite the right shape for my eyes – they are really too big so they kinda get in my eyes if I’m not careful.  I have a few more of these so I think I may try to cut them next time.
My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenal Mask.  I thought this mask would be good to use this week with my troubled skin as it is for tightening pores, brightening and clarifying…I thought wrong.  My skin did not like this and it left me with some red splotches.  It actually damaged some of my skin near my hairline so that is still healing. I don’t think it’s the apple that I reacted to as I’ve used apple products before, but the Polyphenal.  Polyphenal is a antioxidant and this stated it was for people with large pores so maybe that was my problem (I have small pores).  It wasnt serious damage to my skin so I’m not upset just know to stay away from this one in the future!
Kao steam eye mask – I got these in a set of 5 from Yes Style.  I think I bought these because they girl looked so nice and relaxed on the package but I didn’t really realize what it was.  First of all these kinda look like umm a panty liner.  Lol. It’s definitely odd.  You put this on your eyes and over your ears and it actually stayed in place quite well.  I guess it didn’t occur to me what would make the steam on your eyes but these are basically heat patches and they are quite hot and the steam comes I guess from you sweating.  I don’t know if I like it as it was too hot when I tried it so I had to take it off fairly quickly.  Will try again when it’s cooler.

The Face Shop Cherry Lip gel patch.  I got this in my Beauteque BB bag.  It’s interesting as it’s pretty much the consistency of a Jell-O shot!  It does smell like cherry too which is nice.  It also gives some funny instructions to do some lip yoga before you use this – basically it’s popping your lips a few times which I did but felt rather silly!  I think lip patches are fun but not sure if I would ever purchase them myself as I’m not sure they are really that effective.

Author: had4567

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