Memebox Special #38 My Mask Box (aka Mask Box 5) Unboxing

Disclosure – this post includes affiliate links.  

The second box I received in my DHL bundle on Monday was my mask box.  This is really mask box number five but for some reason they don’t number them like that.
I really love masks as you can tell by my weekly mask posts so you know I had to buy this!  Let’s see what I got.

First look
Product card – I swear they changed the font on these cards. I think it looks a bit clearer.

Pure smile mask sheet set of five.  Value $6.  This package has five mask in it and I’m not sure if they are separately packaged or not. I didn’t want to open these cause I wasn’t ready to use them yet so I’m really not sure exactly what’s going on inside.  This product you got the type randomly selected from six different choices. I was really glad that I got the Japanese sake masks because I don’t have any masks like this.  I have added this to my large mask stash!
Insobeau beauty secret step up bust mask. Value $6.64. I found this for the lower price on Gmarket.  So this mask says it’s designed to moisturize, soften and lift up your bust.  The directions say you can put this mask on your bust before wearing your underwear and let it sit there for up to eight hours while you’re going about the rest of your day – ummmm no that will not be happening for me!  You  can also use this overnight but I don’t think that’s going to happen for me either. I just am not into the bust masks that seem to be popular in Korea right now. I think I will probably try to trade this, as I actually did trade the last bust mask that memebox sent me.
Pro You Pore Control Facial Mask. Value $53.  Yet another pro you product that Memebox has put in his boxes. This is a nice large bottle of this facial mask and it sounds good and has a lot of good ingredients in it.  There is something about the pro you line that just does not excite me though. I think part of it is that I can’t find the product anywhere else so I can’t get a good price comparison or reviews on the products. Though that can often be an issue with products that Memebox sends.  I hate to admit it but I think it may be that the packaging just isn’t it cute is some of the other products that I get. They could at least make it a pretty color!  LOL.  I think I will try to sell this.
Milky dress aqua sleeping pack.  Value $14.58. I found this on eBay at Iamloveshop for this price which includes $2 for shipping.  This is a multi functional sleeping pack. I’ve been lately been lazy and haven’t been wanting to do sheet masks (well really I think it’s been that I’m a little bit under the weather this week).  Anyhow I have been using some sleeping packs and you can just put that on and go right to sleep. As I don’t have that many sleeping packs I’m happy to get another one.  Also included was a foil of milky dress the white platinum cream. I wasn’t sure what this was until I looked it up and it looks like you can put it on your whole body. 
Tosowoong help me neck patch 2 patches.  Value $6.   I have gotten neck patches before in Memeboxes and I haven’t been overly excited because fortunately my neck hasnt started sagging yet.  However I am a bit more excited about these because I love the tosowoong brand and also these are bio cellulose sheet masks which are made from coconut fermentation.  That is my favorite type of mask.  So I actually think I might give these a try.  I mean it can’t hurt, whose neck skin doesn’t need a little tightening?  😉
Purederm wrinkle reducer gel patches – six treatments.  Value $5.85. I found these for much cheaper on ebay than the $12 listed by Memebox.  These are eye gel patches and these are little bit different than ones I’ve used before.   The instructions for these say that you should wear them for 30 minutes or overnight. I’m never used an eye patch that said it was okay that you use overnight. And the instructions also say that you’re supposed to rinse off with water after removal and usually you pat in the remaining essence.  These are interesting for sure and I will give them a try at some point.
Elizavecca green piggy collagen Jella pack.  Value $13.90. I found this on yes style for this price.  This is a very interesting gel pack which works increase skin elasticity and radiance.   This is a different product and I am excited to use it. I do have one problem though as it’s made out of pig collagen which is likely made from pigskin.  Now I’m not a vegetarian and I understand that the pigskin is just a part of the pig that can be used so there’s no waste. However there is a cute little piggy on the side of the container that I feel is looking at me. I think I may have to tape over him so I don’t see a cute little piggy face when I use this!
I calculate a value of $105.97 for this box.  With the Pro You product, I really think that’s too high, but I’m happy since I only paid $18.88 for this box.   I think I liked mask boxes 3 and 4 better than this one as the products were just better suited to me. I do like that there was a nice mix of products but I personally would probably prefer just more face masks.

This box is sold out but Special 54 Miracle Masks (aka mask 6) is still available.  If you want one you better hurry though because last I checked there were only 16 boxes left. Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy one now!

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