Memebox Special Whole Grain 2 Unboxing!

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My memebox special whole grain 2 box took a really long time to get to me since Memebox changed it shipping to register mail. ūüė¶ The first whole grain box was one of my favorite boxes so I was anxious to see what was in this one. Let’s see what I got!

First look
Product card
Young face nuruk natural mask and scrub. ¬†Value $5. ¬†The instructions for this powder say to mix it with water, milk, honey, or plain yogurt and then spread the mixture over your face and place some gauze over your face and then apply another layer of the mixture. ¬†This process Kinda reminds me of when we used to make those plaster masks of each other’s faces in art class. ¬†It also says that this product needs to be stored in the refrigerator. ¬† Yeah um, I’m just way too lazy to do this so I’m going to have to trade or sell this. ūüôā
Young face natural soap. ¬†Value $12. ¬†This soap is made with mung beans which is supposed to be good for irritated skin. ¬†This soap smells interesting, it’s the smell that some natural ingredients give off. It’s not necessarily a bad smell but it’s not a smell that I like either. ¬†I also I’m not a big fan of bar soap. So I think I’m going to sell or trade this.

Tosowoong Timeshift Emulsion. ¬†Value $32.89 – you can actually buy this from Tosowoong on Amazon. ¬†This is a seriously hefty bottle!¬†I mean I think I can whack somebody with this and really hurt them, it’s so heavy. ¬† That I would :-). Anyhow I wasn’t sure at first why this was in this box but then I saw that it had black yeast extract so I think that must be where the grains coming. ¬†You know I really like this brand and I think it looks like a nice emulsion. ¬†But I’m not sure what I’m gonna do it is because I just opened a huge lavender emulsion from the Skin House that I got in the tea cosmetics Memebox so I’m not sure I need another one for quite a while. I’m going to keep this for now and we’ll see how quickly I go through the other emulsion during the winter.¬†
echoice wash oatmeal body scrub. Value ¬†$5. ¬†I love a good body scrub especially for the winter when my skin gets dry. I got a nice one in the scrub Memebox, but I know I will go through that in a matter of weeks so I’m thrilled to have another one. I didn’t think the instructions were a little strange as it says to use a body towel or your hands to lather the body wash enough to create bubbles ¬†Do they mean a washcloth? ¬† I thought a body towel was like a wrap that you wear when you get out of the shower but you wouldn’t use that to lather this.¬†Is that what they call a washcloth in Korea? Hmmm.

Osho whitening cream. Value $34.
This looks like a nice whitening face cream. You know that whitening doesn’t really mean that in Korean products it really means brightening, so don’t worry about it bleaching your face or anything. ¬† I just have such an excess of creams right now and most of them are too heavy for my face. So I think I’m going to sell or trade this.
Seven Dias medi anti-blemish serum. ¬†Value ¬†$29. ¬†This has all kinds a natural ingredients¬†like soy beans, brown rice, and pomegranate extracts. And as a name says this is for treating blemishes and skin trouble. I do prefer more spot treatments for blemishes but I think this one looks interesting so I’m going to put this in my keep pile.

I calculate a value of $117.89 for this box. ¬†I’m happy since I only paid $23.39 for this box. ¬† But the truth is I’m getting such a backlog of products that I’m never going to be able to use it all. It doesn’t make me as excited for the boxes of that used to be so I probably need to slow down on my purchases. ¬†I also am planning¬†my first blog giveaway so look for that in the next couple of weeks. ¬†You can be sure that some of the products in my stash are going to be options for a giveaway!

This box is sold out but there are always tons of boxes¬†available from Memebox. ¬†But be aware that all of the regular shipping seems to be coming registered mail now and if you’re in the US that means you may need to sign for your package. ¬†Some people have gotten around this report requirement but I’m in a small town and I guess my post office is a bunch a rule followers so they won’t leave me my package without somebody sign for it. Trust me I asked ūüôā¬† ¬†Any boxes that are upgraded to express shipping come DHL and you can pre-sign for those packages by leaving a note on your door so they’re the ones I’m trying to order right now. But I have at least five more to come in the regular mail away so I’m anxiously awaiting those.

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