Memebox Superbox #54 Pinkaholic

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When Memebox announced that they are releasing a box called Pinkaholic I knew I had to get it.  I love pink stuff.   I figured the box would probably be mostly makeup so I was prepared for that. But let’s see what I got!
First look -I love all the pinkness!
Product card
The Yeon style y glossy fit crayon lipstick in strawberry. Value $11.  Okay so I had to have a good laugh at the product card as it says this is a glossy pit crayon.  LOL memebox I believe thats glossy fit.  Also the instructions  also say to blend into the cheeks with the brush and that doesn’t fit this product either. 🙂 Now this is exactly the type of product I thought would be in this box very pink color. I usually don’t like lip crayons but this is kind of a perfect color for me so I think I’m going to keep this.
The yeon style y color fit bling bling auto crayon shadow in pink. Value $9.  I usually don’t wear pink eyeshadow but this one is very pretty. It’s a light pink with a little bit of a shimmer in it.  I also like eyeshadows in crayon form like this as they’re easy to use. I think I’m going to keep this one as well.

Shara Shara Aurora liquid highlighter in pink. Value $8.  Here’s the deal with me and highlighter or illuminator, I just don’t know how to use it right.  I know you’re supposed to put it like around your T-Zones, under your eyes and over your cheekbones but somehow I just can’t get it right. I never claimed to be much of a make up girl 🙂 I think I’m going to sell or trade this.

Insobeau perfect deep clean one step cleansing water.  Value $22.  Now here is where we start to deviate from the make up that I thought was going to be in here. Everything is still a very pretty pink color but these are skin care products which actually I really like. I don’t have a cleansing water but it seems kind of like a make up remover that moisturizes.  This one has tangerine and lemon extracts but when I smelled it it really didn’t smell like tangerine or lemon to me. It actually smelled faintly like grapefruit but mostly it didn’t really have a smell. I’m excited to give this a try!
Secret key color recipe the pink cream.  Value $10.20. I found this on beautynetKorea for this price.  There are different colors of this secret key cream and the pink is supposed to be extra moisturizing and good for aging skin.   When I open this up I really expected it to be more creamy I guess because it’s called a cream but the base is really a gel and it has capsules of cream inside it. If you look closely at the second picture you can see the little capsules. I think that’s kind of a neat feature.  Since I was curious about how the capsules work I tried it out and it did seem nice. Now that it’s open I’ll probably try to use it up within the next month or two.
Awesome awesome glow glow balm.  Value $22 on eBay.  I havent opened this up as I already plan to sell it. I think it sounds like a good product and would be very hydrating. It’s made with our Argan, Olive and macadamia oils so would be very hydrating for the skin. This can be used with a facial cream, in place of the lip mom, handcream, or a highlighter. I would love to keep this but I’m forcing myself to sell at least two items from every box that I get because I just can’t use everything that I get.
I calculate a value of $82.20 for this box  and I paid $28.07. This is not one of the higher valued boxes but I think it fits the pink theme perfectly and I’m very happy with it.

This box is sold out but there are always tons of boxes available from Memebox.  
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