Julep October – Black Magic Collection Unboxing & Swatches

Julep is a nail and beauty product company that has one of the first, if not the first, nail polish monthly subscription boxes.   Julep maven is their program for a monthly subscription box and they actually have change this program since I signed up.   I have been a julep maven for a year now and I’m grandfathered into an old plan so it’s only $19.99 for each box I take and I can skip a month whenever and as many times as I want to.

The new plans are more customizable and $24.99 a month or $19.99 with a three month prepaid subscription. There is also a maven luxe program which is an additional $15 a month for each plan.  The new plans have a much less friendly skip policy as under the new plans you can only earn a skip every six months. I think that’s pretty crappy as one of the reasons that I love julep is I can skip a box whenever I want.  But such as it is with the new plans. I still think it’s a pretty good deal as a polish is a really nice but I think you would want to either be building your collection or be really into polish if you’re going to sign up for a new plan because you have to take a box every month or cancel.
As a julep maven you pick one of five style profile (Boho Glam, It Girl, Classic with a Twist, Bombshell and Modern Beauty) and that determines what kind of polishes and beauty product you automatically get every month. But you always have the option to go in and change your style profile each month. There are three  style profiles that give you to nail polishes and one full-size beauty product , one style profile that is three witches, and one profile that gives you two full-size beauty products.   You Can also do some upgrades to get more products. I opted to upgrade to the polished lovers option which is an additional $25. So I paid a total of $44.99 for this box. I actually love nail polish and have almost 100 bottles in my collection and I really love the fall colors so that’s  why I decided to upgrade.  

Okay so let’s see the polishes I got this month.  

First look

All swatches are done with 2-3 color coats and 1 coat of top coat.

Briana – Boho Glam.  Sailor blue Creme.  I don’t have a lot of dark blues in my collection so this is great!  Good coverage and wasn’t streaky.

Marla – Boho Glam.  Burgundy velvet with silver shimmer.  This is really pretty and went on smooth and covered well. I actually am wearing this right now.

DeAnn – Classic with a Twist. Ripe Loganberry Creme.  This looks a little more pink in real life.

Logan- Classic with a Twist. Sultry aubergine shimmer.  This almost looks black in the picture but it is a really dark purple. I did find this shimmer a little bit streaky when I swatched it. However it did even out after a couple more coats.

Nancy – bombshell.  Silvery sage metallic.   I didn’t think I was going to like this as I don’t I love green nail polish. But it actually looks more silver with just a hint of green and I think this is actually really pretty. I’m probably more apt to use this color as an accent nail than wearing it on all my fingers.

Margarita – bombshell.  Palace purple Creme. When I googled this one to get the description all kinds of recipes for mint julep margaritas came up. They looked pretty good.  Anyhow I thought this is a really pretty cream and it went on well so no complaints there. Purple is my favorite color so you know I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.

Dana – it girl.  White with electric blue sheen (blacklight reactive).  This polish is interesting as it reacts with black light. My days of being around much black light are behind me but this would be nice for an accent color whether I’m in black light or not.

Ledi – it girl.  Black Pearl shimmer.  This is definitely black!  I think this will be good for an accent color or nail art and it would be good for Halloween which is coming up!  

Shailene – it girl.  Bewitched purple with gold flecks ( iridescence).   This looks brown to me but I guess it really is purple with gold flex causing that effect.   I still think it’s pretty and I will definitely use it this fall.

Overall I’m very happy with this collection. This is actually the first time I’ve done the polish lovers upgrade because I usually don’t like all the colors well enough to pay the extra $25. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next month!

Author: had4567


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