Do you use Ebates?

Disclosure – post includes affiliate links.
So about a year ago I started reading more blogs and heard about Ebates.  I do a lot of online shopping so it sounded like a no brainer to try this out.  There are other rebate websites out there like Mr. Rebates and but I’ve only used ebates so far.  
So what is Ebates?
With Ebates you can get cash back for shopping online.  There are no fees, no points, no miles just cash paid to you on a quarterly basis.  
How do you use Ebates?
Ebates is really simple to use.  First you need to sign up for an account.  To do that click on my referral link here – ebates. It’s easy to sign up and right now they are offering a $10 bonus after you spend $25 through ebates. You will need to select how you want your payments.  I get mine sent to my paypal account but you can have a check sent to you too.
Then when you are ready to buy something you just need to go to and search for the store.  Hit shop now and it opens an ebates ticket for you.  Then make your purchase as normal!  Easy peasy.  There is also and ebates app and a button you can use if that is easier for you.  Now not every store is on here and the % of cash back varies but it’s so easy there is no reason really not to use it!
So how much cash back can you get?  I started using ebates a year ago and I was surprised at how much cash back I’ve gotten from just my normal online purchases.  Here is what I’ve saved this year.
December 2013
-Received $10 Walmart gift card after first purchase 
-Sephora 10% cash back $2.80
– Ulta 4% cash back $1.77
– Apple 1% cash back $4.24
February 2014
Beyond the Rack 1% cash back $4.20
– New Egg 1% cash back $.90
June 2014
Dell 2% cash back $12.80
– Bare Necessities 4% cash back $.84
– Ann Taylor 2.5% cash back $4.51
August 2014
Gap 4% cash back $3.72
– Supplies Outlet 12.5% cash back $2.25
September 2014
Nordstrom 6% cash back $11.70
– Ann Taylor 2.5% cash back $4.50
– Banana Republic 2% cash back $4.20
All total this year I have received $58.43 cash back plus a $10 gift card.  If you make a lot of online purchases it really adds up!  I still would have made these purchases without ebates, I just wouldn’t have gotten the cash back. Sometimes I will check the website and delay or accelerate  a purchase depending on the cash back%.  Certain stores will offer double cash back specials – there was a fall shopping event where I picked up quite a few things.
So will you try ebates next time you shop?  I highly recommend it!

Author: had4567

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