Review of Thefaceshop Face It Peel Off Base

Today I’m going to give a product review of Thefaceshop face if peel off base.  I’ve been looking for a good peel off base coat for my nails for a while.  I had tried the OPI one a while ago and it didn’t last at all.  I got this one for $5.04 from W2 Beauty and have been trying it out for the last couple of weeks.

The base coat is a translucent white color  .  Make sure you cover your entire nail with this in a fairly thick coat.  You may want to apply 2 coats.
I also used two Julep colors – Marla – a deep purple and Joelle a silvery glitter polish (I hate removing glitter polish ugh). I also used my Seche Vite top coat!
Freshly painted nails.  Yeah Ok I’m never gonna win a prize for neatness!  I paint my nails 1-2 times a week and this is as good as it’s gonna get!  Plus the mail lady came to the door right as I finished and I had to sign for a package so I kinda messed them up but they look OK!
Day 2- still looking good!
Day 3 – still looking pretty good.  Slight chipping on thumb.
Day 4 – ok can definitely see some chipping now especially on my middle finger.  This is totally expected and normal for me as I tend to be hard on my nails.  I’m also kinda OCD so the chipping bugs me so I will probably redo these tonight.
Ok the chipping is bugging me so I’m taking this polish off at work!  The key here is to lift up the sides of the polish all the way around the edges.  You can use an orange stick or just your other fingernail.  I recommend starting on the sides and then sometimes it’ll just pop off.  
And off it comes!  There is a bit of residue left on your nail and sometimes a little nail color on the edges.  I’ve found just wash your hands in soap and water and that residue will come right off.  Or you could use a cotton square with some rubbing alcohol to clean off your nails.

 I got them all off in one piece!

Polish off and no polish remover or nail damage!!
I’m very happy with this peel off base coat. Exactly what I wanted and my cuticles and fingers are much happier now that I don’t have to use a harsh chemical remover on them a couple times a week. There are lots of different brands of peel off basecoat and I haven’t tried any other of the korean brands but I’m definitely happy with this one!

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