Memebox Princess Edition #3 Rapunzel Unboxing

I was very excited to see what was in the first set of Princess boxes from Memebox.  There were 3 boxes – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.  I got Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.  I kinda wish I would have gotten Snow White too as it’s contents looked really good!  I figured the Rapunzel box would be all about hair and I wasn’t disappointed.  Let’s see what I got!
First Look
Product Card
Sally’s Box Friendly Argan Hair Mask.  Value $4.  I knew there had to be a hair mask in here!  I have actually been all about Argan oil for my hair lately.  It leaves my hair very smooth!  I am actually excited that this mask comes with it’s own actual mask/cap.  some require you to have your own hair mask/cap which I don’t have.  I  will give a try maybe this weekend.

How to use – Lightly towel dry clean, wet hair.  Massage step 1 Hair treatment all over.  Wear step 2 hair essence mask and massage scalp with fingers.  Take off after 10-15 minutes and thoroughly wash hair with lukewarm water.
Elizavecca Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment.  Value $34.  Elizavecca products always have cute piggies on their packaging. Though sometimes pigs are part of their products :(. I used a Ceramide face mask a while back that I had a bad reaction to so I’m a little concerned about trying this.  I think I may trade or sell it. 

How to use – After rinsing off shampoo, apply the treatment thoroughly over your hair, especially the damaged, split ends.  Rest 5-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
Tosowoong 10 Hours.  Value $6 per Tosowoong eBay store.  Hmm this looks interesting.  It’s a protein treatment that you do not rinse out.  I will definitely try this.  Since I have relatively short hair, though it is thick, I wonder if I can get more than one use out of this?

How to use – In the morning or before going to bed at night, apply the 10 Hours protein Ampoule thoroughly all over your hair.  Do not rinse afterwards.

L’CRET Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo.  Value $28.98 from iamloveshop eBay.  
This bottle kinda reminds me of Bumble & Bumble products.  This shampoo has all kinds of nice oils in it like sunflower seed oil, Argan oil and babassu seed oil (Ok not sure what that one is).  This is specially formulated for color treated hair which I have.  This is s very large bottle too!  I like getting a shampoo as it seems most of my sub boxes are conditioner heavy, This also has a  nice citrus/green tea smell.
How to use – massage the shampoo all over your hair and scalp.  Rinse off with warm water.
Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Vita-clinic mist.  Value $12 (currently on sale in the  Memeshop for this amount).  The instructions for use from Memebox say to spray this on your hair as often as possible, really?  Cuz I feel like you could spray too much.  How about as needed Memebox lol.  Anyhow this is a nice protein rich protecting spray.  I use some kind of spray like this everyday so I will get use out of this.

How to use- spray the Vita-Clinic mist evenly over your hair as often as possible.
Pro you scalp nutrition calming moisture fluid.  Value $48.  This is a hair essence that you can use night and day.  I’m concerned this would be too oily for my hair.  That combined with the fact that I have a ton of hair products open right now means I think I will sell this.  It looks pretty nice though.
How to use – morning and night, apply this hair essence by massaging it onto the scalp with your fingers.  Do not rinse.
I calculate a value of $132.98 for this box. I love trying new hair products so this actually is one of my favorite recent boxes,  I only paid $23.01 so I’m very happy!

This box is sold out but there are always tons of boxes available from Memebox.  
Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy some boxes now!  Use code 9WS6 to save $5.

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