Birchbox October 2014 Unboxing

I got my Birchbox early again this month so I didn’t even have time to check the online reveal before I got my box.  let’s see what I got this month!

First Look – ugh perfume again.
Product Card
Beekind Body Lotion.  Value $1.88
This is a lotion made by Gilchrist & Soames.  I’ve gotten products made by them in other Birchboxes and they are pretty nice.  This is made with honey and chamomile extracts.  And has a very light scent.  I like this and it went right into my purse.  
Dr Brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner.  Value $11.75. I love Dr Brandt products (though I don’t love the price!) so I’m thrilled to get this.  I will try this out and let you know how it works.  It’s supposed to unclog pores and leave you with smoother skin with regular use.
Harvey Prince Petaly Noir.  Value $0.  Ok I’m giving no value as this perfume stunk to me and it fed the trashcan.  I so wish Birchbox would quit sending me perfume.  I almost always hate it and throw it out.  I have marked in my profile to have no more than 6 per year but seriously I want 0 per year.  I don’t even care if I had one less product in my box!  Ok rant over!
Lord & Berry Paillettes glitter eye pencil.  Value $3.  This is a black eyeliner with silver shimmer.  I have been overloaded with eye pencils in sub boxes lately.  Normally I don’t got for shimmer in my makeup but I think this could be fun for the holidays.  It’s small to so I don’t feel like I’m wasting a whole eye pencil by just using it a few times so I think I will keep this.
Model co. Party proof lipstick in kitty.  Value $8. I’m not one for lipstick but this is a pretty pink color.  It also smells kinda fruity.  I will be trading or giving this away.
I calculate a value of $24.63 for this box. This was just an ok box for me though I’m quite happy with two of the products. I just renewed my 1 year subscription so I paid $9.16 for this box.  But I also got 110 points (equivalent to $11) for renewing and I will get $5 in points for reviewing the products received on the Birchbox website.  So I absolutely got my money’s worth.  Here’s hoping next month is a little better!

Author: had4567

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