What I used this week – 10/6

Here are a few short reviews of products I used this week-

Neutrogen Makeuo Remover Cleansing Towelettes Hydrating –  I got these at Target.   I love these makeup remover cloths.  They take my makeup right off, seriously way more than other brands!  They also are moisturizing so don’t leave my face dry.  Also the smell is very light and doesn’t bother me at all.  These are just perfect for me!
Malin+Goetz Mojito lip balm – I got this from a Glossybox.  For some reason I thought this lip balm would be fruity smelling?  I don’t know why I thought that as I know Mojito has mint in it?  Any this has a light minty scent and is pretty good at hydrating my lips.  It’s nice but probably not something as I would repurchase as nothing particularly special to me.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – this is my go to eyeshadow primer.  I’ve been using it for years ever since I got my first sample in my UD Naked palette.  Lately I haven’t been using this as I have been adjusting to my many steps in my new Korean skincare routine.  But I used it this week and got several comments on how nice my eyeshadow looked as opposed to the hot mess it looks like when I don’t use primer (ok people didn’t say the hot mess part but I’m sure they were thinking it lol).  It’s true primer really does make it look better and last longer.  I’m running a little low on this so I need it pick some up soon in an Ulta or Sephora order.  I’m hoping to pick up some things like I did last year in their Cyber Monday sales!
Tosowoong Super Bb Cream – I got this from Memebox.  This color matches my skin tone and covers up nicely.  It is a bit thicker than I prefer my BB – I like it pretty light.  Also it has a big of an odd smell.  It’s not bad necessarily but it’s just odd and I prefer most things to be unscented!  I will use this up though.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal treatment with Argan oil sorry gor the blurry pic! I got this in the Fall Allure beauty box.  I usually am hesitant to use anything oil based in my hair as it tends to leave it greasy – Moroccan oil I’m looking at you :). Anyhow I decided to try this out when just nothing was working on my hair and it was frizzy as heck!  My hair loved this Argan oil and it did not leave it greasy at all.  I’ve been using this most days now.   
That’s it for this week.  Did you try and new products this week?

Author: had4567


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