Memebox Time on My Lip review

I received this product for free from Memebox for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  
So some of the US affiliates of Memebox received a surprise package this week.  Memebox has it’s own line of beauty products that they will be introducing to the U.S. market.  I was sent a lip tint that Memebox produced in partnership with RE:CIPE called Time on my Lip.
This product shipped to my from the San Francisco and all the Memebox branded products are going to be shipped from the US location on Memebox so yay for quick shipping!
This is a decent sized for a lip tint at 4.5ml/0.15 fl oz.  It’s made in Korea
Ok so when I first opened this up I totally thought it was red.  It’s not to orange!  In my defense it was dusk out when I opened this and I may have already started on an evening cocktail!  But I’m actually glad I didn’t know it was orange or I may not have used it.

The color I received is Whop Coral.

Here are some swatches on my arm.  I did these this morning and they clearly look orange here!
So here is how it looks on my lips just dabbed on and not blotted.
Here it is blotted!
Here is a pic of my natural lip color in the same lighting for comparison purposes.

It actually looks pretty good on my lips and looks more pink to me instead of orange on my lips.  I am half Korean – my mom is full Korean so I have very pale skin so maybe that why it works on me?   I do prefer the blotted look.  Staying power I thought was decent considering this is a tint but you would definitely need to apply every couple of hours with a blotted look.
So what do you think about Memebox offering their own beauty products?  I personally am excited to see what else they come out with.  Also it’s great if you are US based that it will ship in the country so you can get it much quicker – hopefully!  
I’m not sure yet what the price will be for this line but hopefully will be reasonably priced.  The Memebox beauty product line will be released to the public on Thursday October 23rd.  If you want to be first in line for the new Memebox product line and be eligible for special offers you can sign up Here.  I already signed up!

Author: had4567

2 thoughts on “Memebox Time on My Lip review”

  1. It's kinda disappointing how it doesn't look orange at all. Even the swatches on your arm look red to me. Can you add a photo of you without the tint so we can see the color difference?


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