Barkbox October Unboxing

Lucy the dachshund is guest hosting this post!

My Barkbox came this weekend and mama opened it when I was over visiting Grandma and Grandpa for the afternoon – that b*&$#!!  Its not fair so I made her get all the items out again so I could sniff them!
Plush Puppies Invincibles Cat.  Value $7. This toy has a very loud squeaker which I must immediately kill!  I love to rip stuffing out of toys to get that squeaker out!  I still play with them after they are de-stuffed so NBD!

Twistix Peanut & Carob Chew Treats.  Value $7.  I thought these looked delicious!  Mama said they are too hard and big for me too eat so we are going to give them to a bigger dog friend!
Superior Farms Lamb Nik-Knacks chews.  Value $4.  These lamb ears are minimally processed and all natural.  Mama said they looked gross and was afraid I would choke on them so we are going to give them to a bigger dog friend.    She is so overprotective sheesh!

Simply Fido Ghost Value $7.  This toy is made from organic cotton and is exclusively made for Barkbox subscribers.  This is a very crinkly guy which I love!  Mom said we had to put this toy away for later but of course I want every toy NOW!!
Fruitables Chicken Skinny Minis.  Value $5.  These treats are gluten free and made of pumpkin, oatmeal and chicken.  Low fat little guys too at only 3.5 calories each.  There is no way I’m letting a Mama give these away!  I already ate a few and they are yummy!
Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky.  Value $10.  Mom said this price must be for a larger package so they are probably worth like $1.  I love jerky treats and I definitely don’t get enough of them.  I never get enough treats and I’m always hungry.  Mom says I have to keep my weight down as I am prone to back problems…whatever!
Mama paid $16.29 for this box and we got at least $30 worth of products.  I love my box and can’t wait to get it every month.  
I’m exhausted – writing blog posts is hard!  Lucy ❤

Author: had4567

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