Golden Tote October Tote!

My October Golden tote has arrived!  I ordered 1 large tote this month which was $156.95 shipped.  If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it!  Let’s see what I got this month.

This month was a special collaboration with. Keep a Breast Foundation so they had a special tote.

I also got this nice KAB bracelet as a freebie!

My first chosen item is the Skies are Blue jetsetter jacket in beige.  This is a faux suede material.  I’ll be honest after seeing some pictures and comments on the Golden Tote trading group Facebook Page of this jacket I was worried about the fit and fabric.  When I saw it and tried it in person my fears were unfounded.  I love it!  I already wore this to work!

My second chosen item was the blue Nordic shrug by Life is Beautiful.  This is actually not my typical style (and I think this caused issues with my surprise items – keep reading!) but I love this.  It’s very warm and I love the style.  The only issue I had was it was kinda hard to hang up.  Also there was a warning to be careful when wearing jewelry with this item as it can easily snag.  It’s not quite cold enough to wear this yet but I will need to be careful when I do.

Le Lis cowl neck sweater – I typically don’t care for cowl neck or turtle neck things but this is very nice and loose so doesn’t irritate my neck.  I can see myself wearing this quite a bit this winter.  Is is a little thin so I may need to put a camisole underneath.

Fantastic Fawn elbow patch dress/tunic.  I think this is cute but I really doubt I would wear it.  That’s ok though as I’ve already sold it to someone that I hope will love and wear it!

So here come the 2 items I think threw off my Golden Tote stylist as I typically do not like prints.  I don’t blame them at all because I made no notes regarding this and I’m sure I will be able to sell or trade these to someone whos style it is.

Cut & Sew by Golden tote Aztec cardi.  I think everyone got 1 of 4 styles of this cardi if you got a large tote.  Honestly none of the prints of this would have worked for me.  It’s a nice light cardi and if it was a solid color I would have totally loved it.

Skies are blue blouse. This is just so far from anything I would ever wear!

Even though there were several misses for me in this tote I still am happy with the items I do like.  The great thing about Golden tote is any items that aren’t working I can trade or sell them on the Golden Tote trading group Facebook page.  I’ve had great luck in sales on there.

If you would like to try Golden Tote I would appreciate if you would use my referral link here !

Author: had4567

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