Memebox Superbox 62 Just Gellin’ Unboxing

When Memebox announced their Just Gellin’ box I was excited to get it as I love gel products.  Even this was bundled with the Very Berry box so I got a free upgrade to express shipping!!  I was excited to see what was in this box.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look
Product card
Dermahouse Ginseng Peeling Gel.  Value $18.    This peeling gel is infused with ginseng, papaya, and other oriental herb extracts.  It sounds like a nice product but I am still so chicken to used a peeling gel on my face!  I am just afraid to end up with a red face!!  I’m gonna sell this.
How to use – on clean skin, gently massage in a circular motion to roll, lift and sweep away dead skin  cells.  Rinse well with water.
Pro You Prori Vita Bright Moisture Gel Mist.  Value $24.    I am just not a fan of mists but this looks like a nice one.   It is a pretty blue color!  This is made of various plant extracts and hydrates and nourishes your skin.  I will sell this one.
How to use – spray 10 inches away from face as often as needed throughout the day.
Original raw blue jam water block cream.  Value $18.63 on eBay.  This product also comes in a jar but this is the “spout” version.  It seams this may have been some kind of special packaging.  I’m sure if it will be easier to use or not but it definitely looks cool!  This is exactly the type of product I was hoping would be in this box.  This an oil free gel moisturizer that says it lasts 100 hours.  I will definitely use this winter when my combo skin is dry.
How to use – Apply the cream evenly over your face and let it soak into the skin.
Secret Key sheer light essential gel sun screen SPF50 PA++. Value $7.94 on Korea Depart. This sun screen is supposed to be gel but I heard its pretty creamy when you use it.  I haven’t tried this and, in fact, have already sold it.  I just don’t need any more sun screen.
How to use – at the very last stage of skincare routine, evenly apply the sun screen over tory face and neck.  Re-apply whenever necessary.
Hope Girl Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in brown.  Value $14.47 from korea Depart.  OMG I have gotten sooo much eyeliner from boxes the last couple of months.  I do use eyeliner and I like brown or grey colors but I only have 2 eyes!!  This one is interesting and I don’t have anything like it with a brush and little  pot of color so I will keep this one but I’m ready to get some different types of products.
How to use – apply the gel eyeliner and fill in the place between your eyelashes, using a tip brush.
Holika Holika Holy Berry Jelly Tint in Cherry Berry.  Value $7.  I do like the Holika Holika brand but I have enough lip tint at the moment.  Also I prefer pinks to red colors so I’m gonna sell this.
How to use – apply the jelly tint over your upper and lower lips according to your makeup routine.
I calculate a value of $90 for this box and I only paid $19.90.  I’m personally disappointed in this box in that I thought it would have more gel based skincare items.  I would have preferred a cleanser and maybe even a hair product to another eyeliner and lip tint.  

Whew this is the last Unboxing of 5 Memeboxes I received last week – that was a marathon.  And I’m getting 6 Memeboxes delivered next week so it’s not over yet!!

This box is sold out but there are always many great boxes for sale!
Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy some boxes now!  Use code 9WS6 to save $5.

Author: had4567

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