Popsugar October Unboxing

At long last my October Popsugar Must Have Box arrived.  Popsugar redesigned their website a few weeks back and it created major problems.  Billing and shipping has been a nightmare so 27 days into the month I wasn’t sure if I was even going to get my box in October!  In fact as of last Friday I wasn’t sure my box had even shipped.  Which was especially important since there was a Halloween specific item in here!

Since my box was so delayed I’ve known for a long time what is in this box but it’s still good to see it in person.
First Look
Product Card
Happy Socks Animal Socks. Value $12.  I wasn’t too excited when I saw we were getting socks in this box but now that I see them in person these are really nice socks!  They are very thick and will be great for the cold Kansas winter.  I like the print a lot too!
Butter London Wink Eye Pencil.  Value $18.  And for the 100th time this month I’ve gotten an eyeliner in a sub box!  Ok I’m exaggerating but dang I’ve gotten so many eyeliners lately it’s crazy! This does look nice a nice eyeliner and I don’t get too many grey ones so I’m gonna keep it but really I’m good on eyeliners for a good long time now!
Issac Jacobs International Acrylic Frame.  Value $36.  Geez this is expensive for an acrylic frame.  It’s nice but I rarely use picture frames. I would make a nice gift though.
Mine Design Chalkboard Candle.  Value $24. I’m not a huge candle fan but this is a nice soy candle.  It’s quite big though and interesting with the chalkboard aspect. It comes with chalk too.  I think I’ll add this to my gift stash.  You know what candle I would love to be in Popsugar? One of those candles that you get a surprise inside like jewelry.  That would be fun to win an extra prize!
Dean & DeLuca Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls.  Value $5.75. These got a bit broken up in the trip to me.  I do like malt balls but I’m gonna confess my deep dark secret here – I don’t love the taste of pumpkin spice!  I know I know it’s unAmerican!  I have tried to like it and I think I get at least one pumpkin spice latte a year thinking I might have changed my mind but I just don’t like it.  I do like the smell of it though.  I’m gonna see if my mom wants these or else I will take them to work.
Nailed Kit Halloween Decals.  Value  $8.  This is the item that will be a bummer for people that don’t receive their box by Halloween.  I think I may use a couple of these on Halloween.

K. Hall Designs Shoreline Shea Butter/Olive Oil Bar Soap.  This soap is sponsored by Progresso so no value is listed.  I’m not a bar soap user but this is nice and it’s a very large bar.  I’ll add this to my gift pile.
Also included was a $40 code for The Blue Jean Bar Blue Jean Box.  This is a clothing sub box but I’m not sure if I’m gonna use it or not.
This box has a value of $103.75 for this box not including the soap or the voucher.  I paid $39.95 for this box and I have to say this is not one of my favorites, regardless of the shipping issues.  It is a nice box though and I got my money’s worth so no complaints there.
Now currently I have canceled my Popsugar Must Have subscription.  I became a bit irritated, not due to shipping or billing issues as I understand that stuff happens.  I was irritated that Popsugar released a big coupon and free necklace to new subscribers last week in the midst of problems with many current subscribers not having their boxes or tracking number yet.  I think they should have done something for the current subscribers!  I mean even a dollar or two off next month would have gone a long way with me.
So does that mean I’m forever a nonsubscriber??  No,  I’m in fact quite sure I will get jealous of what others are getting and resubscribe in the future but for the moment I’m good with being unsubscribed.

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