Memebox #65 Korea’s Most Wanted 2

When Memebox switched to registered mail for regular shipping I vowed to just purchase bundles!  Ok I may have been a little overdramatic about that and I am now drowning in boxes!  It is still very nice to get my boxes quickly but my vow to only get bundles has left me with a few boxes I only bought as it was bundled with another box I wanted.  This is one of those boxes as it was bundled with From Jeju. I had very few expectations for this box.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look
Product Card
elRoel Tone Up Starter SPF50+ PA+++ Green. 50ml. Value $43 – seems high but I can’t find this anywhere.  This is a base makeup for your face.  I think it’s nice that it has sunscreen built in.  I think this has a green undertone which will most definitely not work for my skin (I have a natural green undertone to my skin) but I’m not positive.  I don’t want to open this since I plan to sell it as I already have a base/primer I like to use.
How to use – apply directly to face at the first stage of base makeup application.
Hiello Blooming Multi Firming Cream. 50ml. Value $50 – seems to high yet again but I could only find it for sale from a small seller so not sure if that’s a good value.  This face cream is made with poppy extracts, vitamin peptide, collagen, green tea water and rose water.  I have been hold onto rich creams like this for the winter not for my face but for other parts of my body.  I opened this up and tried it out and at first like it.  However the smell was quite strong and lingering and I did not care for it.  I’m not sure I will be able to use this due to the sell but I’ve now touched and contaminated it so I can’t sell it. 
My cream had an air bubble in it when I opened it.
The Tang Tang Kissy Skin Therapy Peeling Wash. 100ml. Value $23. This is a face peeling gel which I haven’t gotten worked into my routine yet.  I’m gonna start with the peeling toner I got in the From Jeju box first so I will sell this.
How to use – spread an adequate amount of the peeling gel over dried face.  Rest for about 40 seconds and just before it begins to harden, gently massage nose, cheeks, and the rest of the face.  Rinse off with lukewarm water. Do not use a soap or foam cleanser.
Kskin Emu Leg R-Free Massage Cream. 100g. Value $46 – seems way too high but I can find this anywhere.  Just a tip – if you google this don’t accidentally search for skin emu leg – :(.   This is made with emu oil, snail extracts, peppermint pil, hyaluronic acid and menthol.  Is supposed to smooth and de stress your legs after a long day.  This may be nice but I don’t think I would like the menthol scent on my legs so I will sell this.
How to use – massage the formula over calves, waist, feet or other body parts in need of stress relief.
Ladykin one touch bling glow lipstick.  Value $7.50 on yes style.  There were three version of lipstick you could get fall rose (which I got), deep plum burgundy or chic red.  This is a nice color but I don’t wear lipstick so not for me.
How to use – start with a touch of color at the center of the lips, and slowly spread to the outer corners.
The Face Shop Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Essence. 35ml. Value $9.  This is I think the first Face Shop product I’ve gotten in Memebox and I’ve been wanting to try more products from them so this is a nice essence.  I will soon be trying more Face Shop products as I’ve ordered the Face Shop Memebox that I will be reviewing soon.  And SPOILER ALERT – that box comes with the Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream to go with this essence so I’m excited to get to try both.
How to use – After toner and emulsion application, spread an adequate amount of the essence evenly over face and gently pat in with your fingertips for full absorbance.
I calculate a value of $178.50 – I think that’s way too high but I cannot find many of these products so had to go with the Memevalue.  I paid $32.58 for this so I’m not thrilled with this one.  Some of the products are nice though, just not for me.

This box is sold out but there are always many great boxes for sale!
Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy some boxes now!  Also I am more and more impressed with the Memeshop and the US Memshop if you are a U.S. Resident so check those out too – one tip is to wait until items go on sale!  Use code 9WS6 to save $5.

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