Etude House Haul

One of the brand specific Memebox released recently was Etude House.  I have tried several of their products and have been very happy with them -particularly their sheet masks.  Instead of buying the Memebox Etude House box I decided to spend the money to purchase my own Etude House products.  The Memebox would have been $38.99 with shipping assuming no coupons, VIP pricing or points were used, so that is what I set as my budget.  I also bought a BB cushion which I included here but was over my budget for the box so we’ll just say it was an add on!

First Look
I purchased all items from the RoseRoseShop online when they were having a sale. Except for the BB cushion which I got online from Beauteque.  All prices below include the prorated shipping cost I paid!
Cat Nail Buffer & Tweezers.  Price $4.92. I needed some small tweezers and nail file to keep in my purse and these were too cute!
Missing You Hand Cream.  Harp seal/green tea.  Price $4.29. I received a different one of these in the first My Cute Wishlist Memebox but I really wanted the seal so I picked him up!  One of his little eyes rubbed off but I fixed it later with a sharpie.  Really there is not much lotion in this so it’s for the cuteness of the container!
Blotting Paper Pact 50 sheets.  Price $5.34. I regularly use blotting papers and I really like these.  They come in this little compact with a mirror inside.  They also have this little puff that is sticky on the other side to pick up the papers and help blot off any oil.  You can buy the paper refills separately too so when I use these up I can buy more if I like them.
Sweet Nail Art Stickers. Sky check.  Price $3.27.  I actually forgot I bought these but they are cute and I will use them for accent nails.
Secret Beam Powder Pact – 02 Natural Pearl Beige. Price $11.98. I do use a face powder daily and was running low so I picked this one up.  The compact is just gorgeous.  Way prettier than any I have though it is plastic.  I love that the powder even has a matching imprint in it.  I have been using this for several days and this is a nice powder that takes away my shine.
Petite Beauty Smile Care Patch. Price $2.73. This little mask is specific used for the smile area – above and below your lips.  I will try this out and report back in a weekly mask post.
I Need You Masks – these were on sale for $.80 each (the Green Tea one was actually $.60).  For all 5 masks with shipping I paid $5.16.  I love these masks so I picked up a few I don’t have -Yogurt Strawberry, Vitamin Complex, Q10, Green Tea and Aloe.

Precious Minerals BB Cushion – Color Natural Beige.  I have been wanting to try the ever popular BB cushions for a while so I bought this one from Beauteque for $20.  I mostly bought this one as I use Etude House BB cream so I knew the color would match me and cushions are kinda pricey to take a gamble on the color!  It’s certainly a convenient way to use BB cream and I will probably keep this in my purse for touch ups.
I spent $57.69 on this haul which includes the $20 for the cushion.  The Memebox Etude House box ships this week so I’ll be interested to see what is in that one or if I will wish I got that instead of my haul!  I’m quite happy with everything I got though!

Author: had4567

10 thoughts on “Etude House Haul”

  1. I love the blotting compact as well as the cute little tweezers! You picked out some great stuff. I actually got the Seal lotion in my Cute Wishlist #1 and wasn't big on the lotion, so I just emptied it out and keep rings and/or trinkets etc inside the jar now. It looks so cute on my vanity! 🙂 #kbeautybloghop


  2. I do like the little blotting compact though not overly impressed with the blotting papers effectiveness! I may have to cut up some other blotting papers to fit so I can keep using the compact :). #kbeautybloghop


  3. This comment was from Dreams To Creations and I accidentally deleted it 😦
    “Such a cute haul! I love the little hand cream and the nail file/buffer. Let me know how well the nail sticker sticks and looks when you try them out! They look so cute but I'm always afraid they won't stick well or looks natural. #kbeautybloghop”


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