Memebox X Pony Eyeshadow Palette Review

Disclosure – this post includes affiliate links.

Memebox Korea recently did a collaboration with a famous Korean makeup artist and model Pony. I learned about this from a great K-beauty blogger Tracy on her Fanserviced-b blog. Check out her review of the Pony palette here.  So when the Memebox global site announced they would be selling this palette I snatched it right up.  This shipped super fast as I’m in the US and it shipped from their San Francisco location.  I had time this morning to try it out.

Here is my full Memeshop order.  I also picked up the Lioele under eye light concealer and SN Plant Stem Cell Moisturizing Goddess Cream to bump my order up to $40 so I could use a coupon and get free shipping (over $30 free shipping in US shop and over $50 for international shipping.). The US Memeshop also seems to have recently started to include some free samples which is good as most Korean beauty companies are generous with the free samples!
The palette itself comes as a slim black case that fully closes so would be easy to take with you.
It also has a nice large mirror which I like in a palette!
I love neutral palettes and have several from Urban Decay Naked palettes to Lorac and Too Faced so this is perfect for me.  I wear both matte and shiny eyeshadow a depending on my mood so I like palettes like this that have both.
For each of these swatches the first one is over Urban Decay primer – which I use every day.  The second swatch is right on the skin with no primer.  Let’s look at the colors!
Easy Base – this one is really hard to see on my pale arm!  I would really only use this with another color since it’s so pale.
Easy Shadow – this one is a big difference in the swatch with primer and without.  I really like the color with primer and I’m sure I will be using this a ton.
Easy Charcoal –  this is quite a bit darker than I typically wear so not sure I’ll use this one too much but it’s a nice color.
Easy Brown – this is quite similar to the Easy shadow color just a bit darker . This is a great everyday color and I’m sure I will use this a lot.
Shine Rose Gold – I wasn’t sure if I would like this just looking at if but it’s a gorgeous color on!  I wore this today and while it’s a bit shiny I think it’s still ok for everyday use!
Shiny Gold – this is similar to the shiny coppery color that I generally prefer.  Pretty!
Glam Expresso –  this is a bit dark but I think still very wearable.
Glam Cocoa – very pretty and rich color but again I think it’s a bit dark for my taste.
My overall thoughts on this palette are that I love it!  While I probably won’t use every single color I’ll use most of it.  I think they colors are nice for different skin tones and if you like a neutral palette you are likely to love this too.
One thing I did not like were the brushes/applicators that come with this as they seem to be quite cheap quality.  I usually don’t like the brushes that come with palettes so I have a good stash of makeup brushes I can use.  I also prefer almost every eyeshadow with primer as I think it just makes it look nicer and last longer.  There are many different types of eyeshadow primers but I love the Urban Decay one.
I think this shadow is very nice quality and goes on smoothly.  I need to spend a little more time to see how long it lasts but I put on the Shiny Rose Gold this morning with primer and it’s still going strong mid afternoon!

The Memebox X Pony eyeshadow palette is available at the Memeshop for U.S. $18.   If you have a U.S. shipping address click here to buy it now or for international shipping click here.  U.S. orders automatically have free shipping over $30.  For international orders use code FREESHIPPONY50 for shop orders over $50.  You can also use code LV585Z for $5 off a $30 purchase (not including shipping and tax).

Author: had4567

4 thoughts on “Memebox X Pony Eyeshadow Palette Review”

  1. Great review! 🙂 I think if you don't normally wear a shade as dark as the charcoal one, you could definitely use it with an angle brow brush and line your upper lid with it and blend it out, or even use a crease brush and very lightly blend it into your crease for a more dimensional finish. Now that I've seen all these reviews, I'm kind of thinking of buying it even though I have over a dozen neutral palettes!! It's an addiction! LOL 😉


  2. Oo! I love the SN-T Goddess cream! And if you haven't tried that Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack (those little blue packets), you really should. That is one of my HG products!


  3. Oh yeah I've got a full size one of the Lioele Waterdrop pack and it's amazing – I'm happy to have a couple little samples for travel. I can't wait to try out the goddess cream!


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